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Christmas Gift Giving the Nerd Way: Nerdy Toys and Games

Christmas Gift Giving the Nerd Way: Nerdy Toys and Games
by Bryan Scheidler

There are few things in life that nerds love as much as a new toy or game. That is why if you want to get your nerd something that is a guaranteed hit, something that will bring a huge smile to their face then you can't go wrong with the things on this list. From video games to board games or even some friendly outdoor battling, this list really does have something for everyone.

Fallout 4 - Fallout 3 was one of the greatest RPG games to be released. The complex moral system and freedom in the game make it amazing to this day. That is why the highly anticipated followup of Fall out 4 is a perfect game for the gamer on your list.

Star Wars Battlefront - Another highly anticipated video game. This time take part in the epic battles across the galaxy as either a rebel or part of the Galactic Empire.

Nerf ECS-10 Blaster - Nerf is a guilty pleasure for me and this looks like one of the coolest guns they have ever released.

Glowing Foam Light Sabers - Basically this is a glowing "nerf" lightsaber. Fan boys everywhere would die for this.

Rainbow Six Siege - If you want your FPS games to have a little more strategy, then Rainbow Six Siege is for you. This is another game that will make any gamer happy to receive it as a gift.

Cards Against Humanity - An old but a goody! If you haven't played this, this is one of the greatest party games ever created. Warning though, this is 100% not for children.

Myth Board games - For all of you D&D players out there. Myth is a game that will feel very nostalgic with out requiring the hours of pre game prep.

Hearthstone (the Game is Free!) Deck packs - This game is a constant drain on my iPhone since I play it so much. If you were a fan of Magic the gathering then this digital card game is for you. Easy to start but with tons of depth.

Starcraft Complete package - The sequel to arguably the greatest RTS game of all time. Need I say more?

Avalon Board game -  If you like Clue then check out Avalon. There are two teams, each with a unique character that the other team is trying to discover. It is a mystery game with a fantasy touch.

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