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Brand New Shows: The Shipping Report

Brand New Shows: The Shipping Report
by Adrea Scheidler

Looking for fresh shipping this Fall? I’ve seen the first several episodes of The Player, Minority Report, and Limitless and there are definitely some options… if any of the shows survive!

Let’s start with Minority Report: We’ve got vulnerable psychic Dash partnered up with idealistic police detective Vega. We know they are the obvious choice but honestly, I see so little chemistry there that even I might believe they don’t intend to go the shipping partner route (I ALWAYS think there is a shipping opportunity between partners). So - as long as you don’t mind a mild ship - it’s got as good a chance as any.

The Player has a built-in ship alot like Sleepy Hollow’s first season. The main character is Alex Kane played by Philip Winchester and he has a suspicion that his recently reconciled wife (who was shortly thereafter murdered) might not actually be dead despite a body and DNA evidence to the contrary (turns out he’s right per episode 5). So he’s following breadcrumbs hoping to confirm that she is, in fact alive. So that’s Alex/Ginny. So far they are throwing in flashbacks so that we can still get invested despite her being supposedly dead. I’m neutral about it. I thought that I could get behind it if she was being super smart in some way by faking her death and leaving such subtle clues BUT when we are introduced to her being alive it seems she’s kidnapped or… (Sidebar: that was the weirdest scene - she’s allowed to call her ex husband but she doesn’t call to tell him how to get her back, she calls to tell him not to look for her and is then rushed off the phone by her kidnapper threatening her?? Why was she allowed to call in the first place?) Anyway, just like it has with me, I bet the journey will take a toll on the relationship Alex thought he had with her (like Sleepy Hollow Crane/Katrina). The alternate ship is between Alex and his partner in the gambling/crimestopping arrangement, Cassandra (played by Charity Wakefield) who coincidentally also has a connection to Ginny. She is fun to consider simply because she is so clever and oh yeah - she’s for sure alive. Yeah, yeah, she’s got a boyfriend… but like that’s ever been a bad sign for a ship?

Limitless has the best chance of survival of the three and also definitely the strongest potential for a partnership ship. Besides showing that the main pair Brian Finch and Rebecca Harris have a good report and a good start of a deeper friendship I’m not saying the show is going that direction yet, but clearly based on the first six episodes - if it went in a romantic direction it would be compelling. Oh - yes Harris also has a boyfriend. But, yeah - as we in the shipping world know, side relationships that distract from the main possible pairing are usually a good sign for a ship because it means the writers are trying to draw things out and throw wrenches into the mix wherever possible to heighten anticipation for what will come… i.e. a SHIP!
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