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The Bastard Execution Episode 4 Review

The Bastard Execution Episode 4 Review
by Julie Perez

So my love for Kurt Sutter is very real, but here is where the criticizing begins. I’m still liking the show but on the latest episode of The Bastard Executioner, I found my mind drifting. I felt my attention being taken by other things; like my phone, or that spot on the wall that kind of looks like a spider but it hasn’t moved in ten minutes so it’s probably not a spider. I began getting frustrated when I realized that we had spent more than half of the episode waiting for Lady Love to meet with King Edward II. Speaking of Lady Love, I will say that I am very happy that Kurt Sutter is writing a real, strong, confident, vulnerable woman. Even when the show takes place in a time that is foreign to us, he hits issues that are still relevant today. For example, he is perfectly showing how difficult it is for a woman to rule in a man’s world. Though I was happy that the episode focused on something other than Wilkin and Annora’s growing relationship; I was disappointed that we got so little out of an hour episode.

In “A Hunger/Newyn” we also got a glimpse of Milus’s intentions, he continued to plot and blackmail (Wilkin) and you know he’s only doing it for his own benefit. When Wilkin was almost found out, he ordered Wilkin to kill the man. Another thing that Milus did was capture the rest of Wilkin’s friends, putting Wilkin in a very compromising and vulnerable position. Wilkin’s home life isn’t going too smooth either, his wife is crazy right? We can all agree that something’s not right? That woman is going to begin complicating things for Wilkin and you can see how the pieces may begin falling out of place soon.

With all that being said, if you’re watching this show for the blood, guts, and the cringe-worthy scenes then this episode was for you. We got everything from eyes being gouged out, to arms being ripped off of a very ALIVE man, we also got a man dying by being choked to death using a chicken bone. Yes, you read that right; a chicken bone. There was more blood in this episode than I thought possible.

I'm obviously going to continue watching the show and I'm happy that we got to see more puzzle pieces than the repetitive ones that kept showing up. However I would like something to happen. I'm waiting for suspense. I'm waiting to be on the edge of my seat. Who am I kidding? I'm waiting to cry. I'm waiting to care so much that my emotions get the best of me? Am I alone here? Am I being impatient? Let's see what happens next week ...
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