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iZombie: The Shipping Report

iZombie: The Shipping Report
by Adrea Scheidler

Ooo, I may have spoke too soon as to which ship this fall is my most anticipated. iZombie made a very positive impression on me it’s first season, but not for it’s ships. Two episodes into it’s second season iZombie has already strengthened what was already great from the first season and cut what was weak.

The surface level ship from the beginning of the show was once engaged Liv/Major. But last season Major was way too sweet - way too close to the saccharine pre-zombie life we saw Liv leading moments before she was scratched. And Blaine was so good as the almost likeable big bad opposite him so early on I thought they might be going for a Logan Eckles/Veronica Mars thing. I still wouldn’t be surprised if Blaine and Liv need to team up at some point in the future to defeat someone worse than Blaine, but by then I could be so in love with Liv/Major that I don’t even want to see it.

Major has had to carry off quite an arc in a very short amount of time in order to get him to a good spot, but here he is - someone clearly cared enough about the character or actor to make it work. Finally, he isn’t naively wandering around - for the first time he knows more than Liv about what is going on. He is angry about where he is in his life and Liv’s part in it without being needlessly vengeful. Now - has he gone too far? Is he a murderer? Or is he playing a double game? I’m afraid the answer is that he’s gone too far - just when I started to love him… but… um… maybe it’s a double-cross and he’s not actually murdering nice zombies like he’s being blackmailed to do? Sigh.

It’s probably obvious, but I’ll tell you when the ship turned the corner for me. When the only threat super- mogul-probably-super- bad guy Vaughn Du Clark successfully uses to get Major to play ball (kill nice zombies just cuz they are zombies) is the threat to Liv. But it works not just because it shows that Major cares about Liv despite his anger. It works because there has been no other hint of that care until that moment. As a viewer, I got that little thrill of anticipation… this could be good.

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