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Blindspot: The Shipping Report

Blindspot: The Shipping Report
by Adrea Scheidler

This is, by far, the biggest Ship to watch for me in the new Fall season. Jane/Weller are the obvious pairing, so obvious in fact, that the big test for them is if they can pull this off without rushing anything. You can tell the serial type shows (Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal) by how quickly a relationship progresses. It’s not a slow burn it’s a NEW! BIG! REVELATION! and relationship TWIST! in every episode. No, for a good will they/won’t they ship, it’s got to be slow. It has to be on the backburner for a while at first and then for several episodes between anything that does happen. I’ve seen four episodes of Blindspot at the time of writing this and so far they are attempting to establish a stronger level of trust in each episode. That’s a little scary and a little brilliant so far.

You see, CLEARLY they are the pairing we’ll be watching for and yet obvious or not, it would be nice to have some depth to the reasons why they might fall in together. In the non-tv stories of life anytime you meet up with someone of the opposite sex at your work it is not heavily implied that you will become the next Olivia/Fitz! So, what I like that Blindspot has done is that they have created layers of connection between Jane/Weller.

The basis of their relationship is not “Hey you have my name tattooed on your back.” That should not be the basis of anyone’s relationship. That, if anything, was very suspicious. And I liked that in the first episode Weller is clearly trying not to be the shoulder she is crying on. Instead, the basis of their relationship has evolved into, “I think you’re my kidnapped childhood neighbor friend who my father was accused of murdering and I have extreme guilt about not saving when I was a boy.”

YEAH, now we’re getting somewhere. NOW it’s perfectly reasonable that Weller would have an disproportionate desire to have her around, to trust her and to protect her. PLUS now that Jane understands the depth of Weller’s tangled gut about her as a child (if it was her), she also has a reason to stay and trust him. They are not swinging wildly from where they are now to having a flour fight while teaching her how to bake a pie or the dreaded moment where she’s wearing a sparkly dress that suddenly makes him see her differently. Now, much as I’m happy they aren’t doing that - I do look forward to later on in the series when Jane can not be quite so depressed all the time. Like hey - if you want to use the flour fight later on in the series, I wouldn’t be opposed to it!

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