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2015 Knott's Scary Farm


Was able to attend the 2015 opening of Knotts Scary Farm in Buena Park, CA! Doors opened at 7, and I was there with my crew not long after. We had two very different types of people; Mike and I who are unshakable and laugh at gore, and Denise and Dylan who squealed at every dark corner and puff of smoke! Needless to say, Mike and I couldn't hold back the spasms of laughter we had at the expense of our crew mates. When I regained feeling in my cheeks, I was able to film some of the mazes live on SnapChat! (everything but the super secret Skeleton Key rooms) The Skeleton Key "rooms" gave some much needed back story to each of the mazes, yes there is a theme for every maze, but a storyline to follow made the whole experience so much better!

Second to your Skeleton Key, every Scary Farmer must acquire a Fright Lane Pass! This pass allowed us to bypass every line no matter the length (I think the longest I waited in line was for about 10 min). The Fright Lane Pass gave us the opportunity to visit almost every single maze in the park in just a couple of hours! We couldn't make it to all of the mazes because the park is much bigger than it seems, and with the exploration of the park itself, its near impossible to see everything in just one night!

In between the fog, the screams, and the fright lanes you are being run down by speeding clowns, and screamed at by ghostly mothers trying to find their babies! A lot of the characters wear metal knee pads and taps on their hands and feet in order to spray sparks into a crowd of unsuspecting patrons! Denise and Dylan clung to each other when moving from place to place, but then threw each other at oncoming zombies to save themselves.

Even though I am able to laugh at gore, being a Special Effects Make-up Artist, I was still very much able to appreciate the amount of work given to the many characters running around the park. The ability to look at one of these gruesome characters and be able to see a backstory, or at least an understanding of what happened to these characters to make them look the way they do is something that I love to do. The amount of work that is put in to these characters is inspiring. I can't wait to go back again, but I have a feeling that Denise and Dylan might take some convincing!

Thank you to Michael J. Quezada and Good Nerd Bad Nerd for allowing me to join their media group so that I could gather all this incredible inspiration! You can check out some of the awesome Special Effects looks that I saw on my Facebook Page!

Conor Susi
Make-Up Artist & Hair Stylist
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