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Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 7 Review

Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 7 Review 
by Julie Perez

Ok. What just happened? I just finished watching the latest episode of Game of Thrones and there is so much we need to discuss. Winter is coming guys, and this week we found out that that is not just a thing the Starks say. No, winter is in fact, coming.

 Lets begin at Castle Black, where Jon says goodbye to the Night’s Watch and heads to beyond the Wall to rescue the remaining Wildlings. After Jon Snow leaves, we unfortunately loose Maester Aemon Targaryen, in what may be the subtle-est (is that a word) death in Game of Thrones history. With Jon Snow gone to beyond the Wall and Maester Aemon Targaryen gone to beyond … life, Ser Alliser reminds Samwell Tarly that his allies are dwindling. Sam is forced to defend himself, and Gilly because two wayward brothers attempt to rape Gilly (and with that I think Game of Thrones has filled their sexual violence quota for the season). Sam tries to defend Gilly, and gets pretty beaten in the process, but it turns out he has one remaining ally left at the Wall; Ghost the Direwolf. Then, while Gilly tends to Sam’s wounds; we see their relationship turn a bit more … physical.

Sansa, Sansa, Sansa. Last week’s episode was not kind to Sansa and this week wasn't any better. In this episode we are informed that Ramsay has come back to rape her every night and the proceeds to lock her in a room by day. We find out this information when she is telling Theon (Reek?). Theon tells Sansa to just listen to Ramsay because he can always get worst. Sansa, grabbing a hold of the strength she has left, begs Theon to help her. She proceeds to ask him to take a candle and put it on the tower window, like the old lady told her to do if she was in trouble.

We then see Theon walk up steps and I (like I’m sure you did) assumed he was going to place the candle. NOPE! He walks up to a room where Ramsay is, confirming that Theon is too broken to help Sansa. (Is he though? Raise your hand if you think Theon will end up helping Sansa.) Ramsay then calls for Sansa and when they meet he shows her the body of the old lady who he killed (by peeling her f***ing skin). Before Ramsay showed Sansa the lady though, Sansa got a few jabs in about the fact that Ramsay’s stepmother is pregnant. Turns out if the newborn is a boy he may be able to unseat Ramsay. This! This Sansa, is why I think she can survive this. She can get through this moment because she is strong and she continues to fight. Meanwhile, we see Brienne staring at Winterfell from afar. YES! She is so close … and so far away at the same time!

Oh Stannis! You were doing so well! You’re just so impatient! Stannis continues his journey toward Winterfell. Everything was going as planned but as I mentioned earlier; winter is coming. So, it’s not looking good. Davos tells Stannis that they should draw back to Castle Black but Stannis refuses to run. Here is where we see Melisandre and Stannis’ relationship begin to strain. Melisandre tries to convince Stannis that they should sacrifice his daughter in order to win the Iron Throne. You know the adorable little girl? Yes, her. Thankfully, Stannis is not for it and immediately dismisses the idea.

The fighting pits have opened! And it just so happens that Tyrion and Jorah end up being bought are expected to fight in the pits. It just so happens that Dany is in attendance, at said fight. Once Jorah realizes this he gears up and defeats everyone in the pit. Once he’s defeated all of them he takes off his mask and shows himself to the Mother of Dragons and … Dany states that she doesn't even want to look at him. Before being taken away, Jorah exclaims that he has a gift for her, cut to Tyrion. Thoughts? Two weeks ago I would have said, she’s going to pardon Jorah. Now, I think she’s going take the gift and kill him.

Here we go … where do I even begin?

In the only light-hearted scene of the episode, we see the Queen of Thorns and the High Sparrow interact. The talk about their weak hips and knees is a short distraction from the game they are actually playing. When Lady Olenna, doesn’t receive the response from High Sparrow she was hoping for, she meets with Littlefinger about her imprisoned grandchildren. Turns out, Littlefinger has a plan and I can bet that it’s a good one!

In the meantime, Tommen is still upset for Margarey’s imprisonment and threatens to go to war over the situation. Cersei, quickly talks him off the ledge and tells him that she will go and speak to High Sparrow on his behalf. We then see Cersei visiting Margarey and the polite banter is over, Margarey calls out Cersei and will not longer be playing. You just wait and see Cersei, if Margarey ever gets out, she will be a force to be reckoned with. As she promised Tommen, Cersei goes and speaks to High Sparrow, except the conversation didn’t go quite as she planned. I always found it ironic that Cersei placed the High Sparrow in a position to punish all of the sinners, when she may be the biggest sinner of them all.

This episode; Cersei was met with one of her bigger sins when High Sparrow brings her cousin into the room. She is met with her cousin who is now a sworn member of the militarized Faith, but also a cousin whom Cersei committed incest with. The episode closes out with Cersei being thrown in a cell and with me rejoicing in my seat.

What do we think? I hate making predictions because more often than not, I’m wrong. What ever happens, it’s bound to be an entertaining and frustrating ride to the end of the season.
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