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Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 5 Review by Julie Perez

Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 5 Review 
by Julie Perez

The latest episode of Game of Thrones was a plethora of emotions, not as action packed as last week’s episode but just as impactful. Did anyone else feel like the episode went a little too fast?

This episode we see Daenerys grieving over the death of Sir Barristan as well as try to hold on to the little bit of power she still has left. Her response to the Sons of Harpy attack is to gather the heads of the great families and killing one in front of the rest. In, what could be argued to be one of the more gruesome scenes; we see Daenerys feed one of the heads of the great families to her dragons. Can we take a minute to just imagine that conversation in the writer’s room? “What does one feed dragons?”

While we’re in Daenerys’ part of the world, last week’s cliff hanger was just cruel and unusual punishment because this week we find out that Grey Worm did survive the Sons of the Harpy attack. Not only did he survive the attack but also this week he finally realizes that he’s in love with Missandei and at last, they declare their love in a sweet and innocent kiss. Missandei and Grey Worm may possibly be the best love story of the series. Being that Daenerys’ is short on advisors she decided to turn to Missandei for advice. Missandei’s advice is that Daenerys has always been smarter than her advisors therefore the answer of what she should do will come to her.

So we see Daenerys visit the Meerenese guy (are we really expecting me to remember his name? Did they mention it this episode?) and she tells him that she will open the fighting pits again, but only for free men who want to enter. Also, it turns out the answer did eventually come to Daenerys and she decides that she needs to marry a local to cement her rule. The local she has chosen is the Meerenese guy (I promise to learn his name), well isn't this the luckiest day of his life?

So you’re telling me that not only does Sansa have to look out for psychotic Ramsay but now she also has to watch herself from this Miranda character? Winterfell was a slew of emotions this episode. From Ramsay talking to Miranda about Sansa, to Sansa and Theon reuniting, to Ramsay finding out that his father’s new wife is expecting, to Ramsay forcing Theon to apologize to Sansa during their family dinner, to Roose telling Ramsay how he raped and nearly killed his mother. Plus for the, maybe 100th time, they discussed Stannis going to try to take the North. I tell you one thing, this battle better be EPIC because this build up is insane.

So I don't know about you, but when I first read the title of the episode I assumed someone would be dying. Truth be told, I watched this episode with tissue in hand (don’t you dare judge me). “Kill the boy, and let the man be born” is the advice Maester Aemon gives to Jon Snow when he goes to him for advice. Jon Snow’s plan is to let every single Wildling settle south of the Wall. Sounds like a great plan, you know who doesn't think so though? All of the Night’s Watch. I mean these are Wildlings, the same Wildlings that raided that boy’s town and killed his parents. Alas, Jon Snow has killed the boy so he, along with his new Wildling friend (and the ships from Stannis’s fleet) goes off beyond the Wall to rescue the Wildings he doesn't already have.

So you know how I mentioned earlier that Missandei and Grey Worm might possibly be the best love story of the series, I was wrong. The best, and possibly most heartbreaking of all the love stories may be between Tyrion and his wine. Will they finally reunite? Will he survive without it? Will the withdrawals kill him?

In this episode we see Tyrion and Jorah attached by stone men suffering from Greyscale. Jorah and Tyrion (mostly Jorah) fight the multiple stone men while Jorah keeps reminding Tyrion to not let the men make skin-to-skin contact. They survive their encounter with the stone men through a beautifully shot battle scene, but lose their boat in the process. All looks well until we see that Jorah came away from the battle with a little souvenir; a brand new stoney patch on his arm. This can’t be good, right?
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