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Father's Day Gift Giving Guide

Father's Day Gift Giving Guide
by Bryan Scheidler

Need help deciding what to get the dark lord or your house hold this fathers day? I have a few suggestions from the simple to the outlandish.

6 Reasonably Priced Suggestions

1. a Smart Watch
     The latest trend in nerd gifts is wearable technology, specifically watches. A smart watch could be just what your dad needs to nerd up his style. Of course deciding which watch to get him is the tricky part so I have two suggestions one if he is an apple lover and one if he is not.

Apple Watch

LG G Watch R (yes it is a stupid name but it is cool)

2. a Digital Camera
    One safe "go to" gift for any dad is a brand new digital camera. The problem is how to you justify it these days when the camera on your smart phone is as good or better than your average point and shoot camera. The answer is to go to the next level with the Compact System Camera's. These cameras give you benefits of smaller point and shoot camera's but the versatility of a larger professional camera, including using different lenses. For this market we recommend the Sony Alpha 7S for its balance in handling stills and video, something any tech savvy dad will crave.

Sony Alpha a7S Compact Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera

3. an Action Camera
    Of course it is possible your dad has his standard camera covered. In that case you might consider something a little more exciting. If your dad loves the outdoors, sports, or anything he would want to mount a camera to then an action camera is the way to go. Hands down the best camera in this field is the GoPro Hero 4

GoPro HERO4 BLACK 4K Action Camera

4. A kit to take the Edge off
    Sometimes there just isn't anything your dad needs...sometimes. If you find yourself in a situation like that then I would suggest a little relaxation kit. In my opinion, there is no better way to relax than to sit outside with a nice glass of whiskey and a cigar. What better way to say thanks dad than letting him relax and enjoy life?

Cigar and whiskey glasses kit

Basil Hayden's Whiskey

5. a Power Tool Swiss Army Knife
    Every dad likes to feel handy. Like there is no problem around the house that they can't fix. In fact to call a handyman or plumber is to admit defeat! So why not give him the ultimate Power Tool Swiss Army knife? With this any dad will truly be able to feel like master of his domain.

CEL WS3E Power8 Workshop

6. The Gift That Keeps on Giving
   Sometimes you just can't decide what to get your dad. Sometimes you want him to be reminded of how great you think he is year round. For those situations I recommend looking into one of the many monthly subscription clubs. They truly are the gift that keeps on giving!

Pick their favorite category, I am sure there is a crate for it!
LootcrateBrickloot, Marvel Collectors Corp, Jerky Spot, Tasters Club (Whiskey)

4 Outlandish Suggestions

If money is no object and you are looking to really spoiler your dad!

1. Space, The Final Frontier - Book a Trip on Virgin Galactic

2. The Most Epic Lego Set EVER! - LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collector's Millennium Falcon

3. A Sweet Sweet Ride - The Tesla P85D

4. Gaming on the Go Package - The GAEMS Mobile Gaming System Complete Setup:

     - The GAEMS Case via Amazon (consoles not included)
     - Gaming System of their Choice: PlayStation 4 or Xbox One
     - GAMES! (Our Suggestions: STAR WARS Battlefront and Batman: Arkham Knight)

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