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Avengers Age of Ultron SPOILER FREE Review by Bryan Scheidler

Avengers Age of Ultron SPOILER FREE Review 
by Bryan Scheidler

The wait is finally over, and the epic climax of Marvel Phase 2 has finally arrived (sorry Ant-Man, but it is true). Once again, Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, and the rest of the team ‘Assemble’ to battle the Villainous robot Ultron in order to save the world. Age of Ultron had big shoes to fill if it was going to outdo the first Avengers movie, and I can enthusiastically say that it did. Without spoiling anything, here is what I thought about the movie.

Age of Ultron picks up with the team in the wake of The Winter Soldier’s status quo shattering events. With SHIELD officially disbanded, it falls to the Avengers to round up the last remnants of HYDRA, and this is exactly where the movie starts. The movie kicks off at a sprint but the pacing never becomes an issue. Joss Whedon has carefully crafted this story so that all the elements weave perfectly together. The exposition never feels forced, the emotional moments are given the appropriate time they deserve, and the action is what we’ve all come to expect: outstanding.

With any movie that has such a large ensemble cast there is always a concern about the film being too crowded. Age of Ultron could easily have suffered from this problem. Not only do you have all the main players from the first Avengers movie, but many supporting characters have been added this time around. On top of the already impressive cast list you have the addition of 5 brand new characters: Dr. Cho, Wanda Maximoff, Pietro Maximoff, the Vision, and Ultron. Each new character feels important to the story and their motivations feel fitting for the world the Avengers live in.

For fans of the Marvel films and the comics the big questions are: how does this fit into the larger MCU and what are the Easter eggs? These questions have really fun answers, but,sadly, until you see the movie, I’m not telling you! Just know that this film knows its place in the MCU and plants the seeds for multiple films to come. If you are at all on the fence about seeing this movie, take this nerd's advice and get to the theater. Personally I can’t wait to get back to the theater and see it in 3D.
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