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Are You Ready for VR to Feel Real?

Meet the FEELREAL VR Mask and Helmet

Are you tired of Virtual Reality that only engages your eyes and ears? The creative visionaries behind the FEELREAL system were and so they set out to create a truly immersive VR experience. Meet the FEELREAL Mask and Helmet. The FEELREAL system boasts an impressive and amazing experience, and if it does everything it claims then it seems like something you need to experience first hand to believe!

FEELREAL is a revolutionary multisensory VR mask for 3D video games and movies that lets you step into the most immersive, unbelievable and fascinating virtual experience you've ever known. It maximizes your virtual reality presence and allows you to explore virtual worlds using smells and simulated effects of wind, heat, water mist, and vibration. To enhance “personal presence”, we developed an odor generator with seven removable smell cartridges that can be easily changed depending on the game or movie you’re playing or watching.

The FEELREAL VR mask is easy and functional. For this we reimaged every element in design and size to make it thinner, smaller and lighter. We also got rid of wires and complicated settings. Our built-in bluetooth microphone gives you a possibility to connect and interact with other players around the world. FEELREAL doesn’t touch the skin surface and simply mounted. To perfectly match the design of your VR headset, we created the masks in Black and White. Play wearing the FEELREAL mask to explore virtual reality with new and bright senses.

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