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Nerds meet Julie Perez, Julie meet the Nerds

Nerds meet Julie Perez, Julie meet the Nerds

Hey Nerds, I wanted to take a moment and introduce a new writer joining the Good Nerd Bad Nerd Family, Julie Perez. Julie has been covering the world of music for a couple years now and anyone who knows her will agree that it is something she is very passionate about. Julie is joining our team to continue covering music, but also movies, tv, and lifestyle topics; so be on the look out for her stuff in the future. I have attached her latest article below but you should also check out her past work at her site and follow her on twitter.

Welcome to the family Julie!

-Bryan Scheidler (Head Nerd)


Greg Holden, ‘It’s just more about being optimistic’ 

Courtesy of Warner Bros. Records
Courtesy of Warner Bros. Records

My introduction to Greg Holden came in the form of the heart-wrenching ballad, “The Lost Boy”. Five replays in and I had officially found my new favorite artist. Plus, add the fact that he is responsible for the American Idol hit “Home” and I really didn’t have a choice in the matter, he quickly became one of my most played artists on Spotify. Being that he is currently celebrating the release of his major label debut album, Chase The Sun, Holden took time out of his busy schedule to talk to FDRMX about the new album and how it all came together.
Before we got into the details of Chase The Sun, I couldn’t help but bring up “The Lost Boy” and the role the song played on an episode of Sons of Anarchy. He admits, “I did watch the end scene because I found it on YouTube, but I do have to unfortunately admit that I’ve never watched that show.” Don’t think I let him get off that easy, I must confess, even though the series has come and gone that did not stop me from trying to convince him to watch the show on Netflix. I promised it was a great show to which he replied, “Yeah, people keep saying that. I should get into it really.”
Now, for what we’re really here for, Chase The Sun. When listening to Greg’s previous albums there’s no denying that the songs tend to portray a more somber outlook on life he admits, “the album is kind of a very positive album compared to what I’ve made in the past.” I asked him about the title and why he chose it and he stated, “It’s all about kind of hope and you know, looking forward. For me chase the sun kind of meant, always looking up, not necessarily looking down towards the ground.” You really do get the sense of positivity when hearing the first single, “Hold On Tight.” The upbeat tempo and encouraging lyrics reinforce what he said about the album: “For me it’s just more about being optimistic rather than being pessimistic.” 
Speaking of “Hold On Tight,” when asked how the song came together he said, “I wrote that song with a good friend of mine, called Tofer Brown. It’s actually the first song that we’d ever written together. That song, I guess could mean a lot of things for different people.” He adds, “For me it’s just about, a simple sentiment. It’s just about learning to appreciate what I have rather than clinging to the idea of things that I don’t. It’s about trying to live in the present and not necessarily looking in the past or worrying about the future.”
Chase The Sun is Greg Holden’s first album debut through a record label and if you think going with Warner Brothers Records wasn't a thought out decision you’d be wrong. The album was actually completed prior to signing with Warner Brothers, which turns out was part of Greg’s plan all along. “I signed with Warner Brothers after I made it and that was always part of my plan. I wanted to have full control. I wanted to make what I wanted to make and see who was on board with that, not necessarily be told what I was supposed to make or be heavily influenced by a label.”
When asked which he song he was most excited for everyone to hear he said, “I’m really excited for people to hear a song called ‘Boys In The Street.’ It’s a song that I wrote right before I made the album so it’s technically the newest song; so classically, I’m obviouslyas a songwriter—always excited about my newest creation.” Having recently heard the song, I can tell you with complete confidence it is one of the best songs on the album and you should go listen to it now.
You can purchase Chase The Sun on iTunes now and if you do, it might be the best decision you make all day. Greg is currently on tour with Delta Rae and you’d be a fool to not try to catch him live. Take it from someone who has experienced his live performance, it’s absolutely worth it.

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