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Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 3 Review by Julie Perez

Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 3 Review
by Julie Perez

Before I sat down to watch the newest episode of “Game of Thrones”, I had already prepared myself to be disappointed. Okay, let’s be honest, the first two episodes left a lot to be desired and in the past we've come to expect a level of intensity from “Game of Thrones” that the first two episodes were lacking. So, as I sat down and got myself comfortable I was already dreading the episode that was to come. Turns out, I had nothing to dread because “High Sparrow” provided everything we’ve come to expect from “Game of Thrones” and then some. With as many important characters as the show contains, I imagine it can get strenuous to give them all enough screen time during an episode. Forget about the screen time, it must come as a challenge to also move their stories along a significant amount. Thankfully “High Sparrow” provided us with all of our favorite characters as well as gave us enough story to keep us interested.

For Arya her story has taken her inside the Temple of Black and White where she gets to, well sweep the floor; but it’s also where she wants to learn from Jaqen H’ghar how to put on faces and serve up death. Of course, this new life cannot just be handed over to her, she must first learn how to rid herself of her past and become “no one”. We see her take her first steps towards becoming “no one” when she rids herself of her old clothes and when she (attempts) to rid herself of Needle. In, what might be the saddest scene of the entire episode, you see Arya struggling to let go of Needle. Alas, she finds it too difficult and decides to hide Needle, not yet ready to completely let go of the significant memento.

Now, for the most subdued wedding the show has seen; King Tommen and Queen Margaery have finally wed. Margaery fits right into her role as Queen and quickly begins turning the wheels in Tommen’s head in her favor. The manipulation, much like their wedding, is subtle but impactful. Even with all the power in the world, Tommen is still a child and extremely impressionable, which is the worst thing to be when stuck between two extremely powerful and manipulating women. Cersei quickly gathers the game that is being played with her son and when going to confront Margaery she gets hit with jabs about her drinking and subtle reminders of her fleeting youth. Though slow moving, the battle between Cersei and Margaery, that is sure to come, will definitely be a must watch.

Sansa’s story has been the most frustrating and agonizing to watch. The amount of times I have yelled at the screen, “You stupid, stupid girl” is embarrassing. I’ll admit, there were times when I hoped that we would see the end of Sansa. I mean, how many times can we see one girl be put in the worst of situations? (Some by her own doing.) I thought, for sure, it couldn't possibly get worse. Well, I’ve been proved wrong once more. Little Finger delivered the news to Sansa that she’s to wed Ramsay Bolton. I've never wanted to hug a character more than when she realized who Ramsay Bolton was. Let’s take this time to recap; House of Bolton is the family that betrayed and killed Sansa’s brother. Also, Ramsay Bolton is who took Theon then tortured and dismembered him. Plus, who could forget that one time Ramsay hunted and killed a girl for sport. So, I’m going to go ahead and say it’s not looking good for Sansa.

Jon Snow has been my favorite character since the show began, I’ll be honest, there’s no other reason than the fact that I think Kit Harrington (the actor who plays him) is extremely good looking. So since the show began I have been rooting for Jon Snow. I have ached with him, I have cheered for him, I have cried with him (I cry a lot, so that’s no surprise) and during this episode I got to be proud of him. Finally! Finally, we get the Jon Snow we knew was in there all along. He shows his honor when he refuses Stannis’ offer to make him a Stark and instead chooses to rule as Lord Commander.

We knew from the last episode that not everyone from the Night’s Watch was keen to Jon Snow becoming Lord Commander. In “High Sparrow” we see the first signs of a rebellion when Janos Slynt refuses Snow’s attempt to send him away to watch over Greyguard. When Slynt adamantly refuses Snow asks that he be taken outside, with a sword in hand Snow asks Slynt for his last words. Slynt chooses this time to beg for mercy. For a moment you think Jon Snow might cave, we've seen in the past that he is a man with a good heart and this execution seems out of character. Jon –wisely – refuses Slynt’s begging for mercy and with one swift movement Janos Slynt is executed.

Tyrion and Varys continue their journey towards Daenerys Their journey; in true Tyrion fashion gets them to a whorehouse. A whorehouse, where Tyrion realizes that his recent trauma has made it difficult to complete the “transaction.” Here, we also find Jorah Mormont. Who, in case you've forgotten is Daenery’s disgraced advisor. When Tyrion goes to take a piss he is surprised by Mormont who ties and bags him, while telling him he is taking him to the Queen.

This has definitely been the strongest episode of the season. Though no questions were really answered, things moved along in a swift and steady pace. We had a mixture of action, heart, excitement and a hint of comedy in the episode. I am so happy with this episode and will officially take back all of the bad things I said about the show last week. I blame the harsh remarks on lack of sleep and too much alcohol. I can’t wait for next week’s episode I am all aboard this Game of Thrones train and there is no turning back now.
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