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A Little Nerd on the Side with Corey Mack from LAFORGE Optical

A Little Nerd on the Side with Corey Mack
Episode 10 - LAFORGE Optical

I am joined this week by Corey Mack the CEO and Head of Design at LAFORGE Optical. He is here to tell us all about their upcoming wearable technology, the Shima. These glasses look like they are ready to change how you view wearable tech!

   The Interface:

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  1. Good segment, I wish the audio was normalized between the speakers and louder in general.

    1. Thanks for the note on the audio. I am always grateful for a heads up when I need to fix the audio or other technical issues.

  2. Is it possible to get a "writted" version of the interview ? For the people which are not english "vocal" friendly ? =)
    Thx !

    1. I don't have the text of the interview written out, but if I can find some decent transcribing software to do it, then I will try and get that for you.