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Meet the Shima by LAFORGE

Step Aside Google Glass
Meet the Shima by LAFORGE

For those of you following the tech world recently, you are aware that there has been a huge increase in the wearable technology market. The 2 methods that are currently favored are watches or wrist devices and VR/Augmented Reality headsets. The watch market is already flooded with different makes and models for consumers to buy, and Apple hasn't even entered the fight yet. The headset market is a little different though. There hasn't been the same explosion of options hitting the market that wrist devices has seen, but that is all about to change. Since the $1500 experiment known as Google Glass, companies everywhere have been trying to come up with the next killer headset. That is where the company known as LAFORGE comes into play (Yes this seems like an obviously perfect name for an augmented reality headset company). LaForge is set to introduce their headset Shima to the market and it is by far the most practical normal looking device I had seen to date.

If the Shima looks like a pair of regular glasses to you, you are correct. The reason being the creators at LAFORGE wanted their headset to be something people would enjoy wearing and not feel like they looked out of place in everyday life. Part of that decision comes from the understanding that one style does not fit all. The Shima comes in multiple styles for you to choose from. Before your personalized glasses are even made they will send you out 5 styles to pick from so you can see how the glasses will look and fit in real life. Think this is cool but worried since you have prescription glasses? Not a problem, the Shima can be fitted with prescription lenses as well.

I have not had the opportunity to field test the glasses yet. However, if theses glasses are easy to use and can do everything the makers at LAFORGE claim they can, then these glasses will be the tech to beat. Curious about the Shima for yourself? Then make sure to check out their site and if you are ready to jump on the Augmented Reality boat you can even buy a set and get in on the Beta testing!

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