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iZombie Episode 2 Review

iZombie Episode 2 Review
by Adrea Scheidler

OH dude! iZombie - why did you ditch the cool opening? Oh phew - you didn’t. There must have been worry about people getting lost in the premise as there was a thirty second recap before the cold open.

We open where we left off in the pilot: with Liv ready to take on life as a “fake psychic zombie just trying to do her part [for the world].” There is a new murder mystery which means a new set of visions, characteristics, and traits that Liv gets to play out during the hour; this is not the only comic relief in the show, but definitely gives me the biggest laugh. This time it’s a passionate artist whose lust for everything is passed on to Liv whereby she’s had his brain as lunch. I think it’s great they aren’t having everyone backslide from whatever progress they made in that first episode. Liv and Ravi understand the crime solving opportunities that her brain eating gives her and they are exploiting it without belaboring the point.

Major still holds up as charming and sincere as Liv’s ex-fiancee. Both Liv’s partners at the police station (Clive and Ravi) continue to make supporting acting look good. And the zombie plot thickens as we are introduced again to a nearly dead Blaine DeBeers (David Anders). Blaine was on the doomed boat of druggie partiers turned murdering zombies and, in fact, it was Blaine’s scratches that turned Liv into a zombie that night. This proves that Liv is not alone as a zombie in the world and opens up a host of questions about Blaine and how much of what happened on that boat was an accident or by design.

The thing about Blaine though, considering his crass introduction in the pilot, is that there shouldn't have been much mystery about whether or not he was going to be a bad guy or a good guy. But, they definitely had me wondering… and maybe even hoping. Yeah, I know - he’s “bad” … but is he maybe like “Godfather” bad? Which is to say… an anti-hero to cheer for as long as he’s fictional? Look, it’s just that he is incredibly charming and I don’t think they are going to waste that. My guess is that he’ll be the everyone-should-be-a-zombie, good hearted murdering leader that Liv has to fight against from taking over the world but… will probably also sort of love. Or maybe I’m just projecting.

I’m still loving this show - to the point that when the voiceover announced the next episode and I didn’t hear it - I had to rewind to make sure it would be back next week and not taking a break for three months or something (spoiler: it will be back next week). The only significant low point - so low that I simply have to mention it - was a painfully obvious moment where two extras offhandedly give away the motive that our crime fighters had missed *insert embarrassed audience groan here*.

But let’s just pretend we got up for a drink during that five seconds and concentrate on the fact that the scenes for upcoming episodes look great!
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