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This Nerd Misses the Good Old Days!

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This Nerd Misses the Good Old Days!

Do you remember way back in the day to the first time you went to the movies? You’d enter the theater, make a quick stop by the concession stand before finding your seats and watch the movie preshow 10 times through until you have memorized all of the trivia questions. Then, there was the surge of excitement you felt as the lights finally dimmed and the trailers began to roll. Trailers that you hadn’t seen on the internet yet for movies you didn't know were being made. Then, finally, the movie would begin; a movie that you didn't already know every detail about.

Do you remember the first trailer you saw in a theater that really got you excited because you weren’t expecting it? For me it was the trailer for Star Wars Episode I. I wasn’t expecting the trailer, I knew nothing about the film, and I hadn’t seen leaked set photos. So when the Lucas Film’s logo appeared on screen I think my heart skipped a beat. Star Wars was coming! Brand New Star Wars and I was caught completely by surprise! This trailer ignited pure fan joy in me, not just because of the fact that it was new Star Wars, but because of its promise. Do you remember seeing Darth Maul first appear with the double sided light saber? That moment is seared in my mind along with the roar of cheers that came from the audience. That experience was special to me and everyone else in that theater and it is one that audiences today will never again experience.

With modern technology there are no more surprises waiting for us when we enter the theater. No surprises about what is being filmed, who is in it, or what secrets might have been in store for us. With the internet, cell phones, instagram/twitter, and most recently drones, no movie can keep secrets for long. This is a problem and Hollywood is adapting the only way they can - with announcements! We are getting announcements for everything and then some. We get special events to reveal upcoming movies, red carpets for movie trailer premiers, teasers for upcoming trailers and even teasers for teaser trailers. The Hollywood Hype machine is in overdrive creating false buzz just to keep people excited about movies. It used to be that the first impression people got in theaters was enough to keep people excited until the film was released.

It is getting out of hand, but, this time, Hollywood isn’t to blame. No, nerds, the blame for this falls squarely on us. We the consumers, bloggers, and reporters need daily news and updates. Some need it for insatiable curiosity, and some need it because it is their job to cover it. I am guilty on both counts. I love all the news, and, to be honest, if it wasn’t for the overwhelming coverage, I wouldn’t have a podcast. But, even though I love it all, I really do miss the days of theater surprise. We will never be able to get back to those days, but I think we would get more joy out of our movies if we could. When was the last time you saw a trailer in the theaters you weren’t expecting that blew your mind? I really miss those days. There’s just something about the sheer excitement and anticipation of discovering the unknown in the presence of other like-minded fans. That was one of the amazing, theater-going experiences that will never be had again.

Trailers that Completely blew my mind before all of this:

Star Wars Episode I


Terminator 2

Independence Day
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