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The 2014 Nerdy Gift Giving Guide

Happy Nerd Christmas!

The Holidays are here folks and I know many of you out there have a special nerd in your life. The problem is what do you get for your nerd. Well have no fear, I am hear with 10 suggestions that would make any nerd jolly this holiday. So sit back relax and browse these excellent suggestions.

1.  an HD Camera Equipped Drone

UDI Quadcopter - Option one is the economy model but that doesn't mean you are getting a cheap dproduct. This drone can shoot video and stills and comes with a handy remote control that lets you know the drones battery life, so you don't run out of juice 60 feet in the air. A cool toy any nerd would love. 

DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ Quadcopter - Option two is the deluxe edition. This copter has all the bells and whistles and will bring tears to the eyes of any nerd.

2. Lego Batman 3

Do I really need to explain why Lego Batman is a perfect gift for your nerd? An army of DC heroes and Villains plus the excellent lego gameplay that we all love. This is a no brainer!

3. Fluency eBook/Book

Us nerds, we love our science fiction and we love discovering new authors. Jennifer Wells has put out an amazing book in Fluency and it is a perfect gift for the nerd who loves some quiet time

4. Star Wars vintage war art

Every Nerd room, office, or cave needs awesome art and this art is cool enough to rule the galaxy. Just look at that image, now try and stop yourself from buying them all. You can't can you!
[Thirteenth Floor]

5. Lootcrate

Lootcrate is the best way to spread the Christmas love the entire year. Each month Lootcrate sends out a box of swag that will bring a smile to your nerds face every month. With the added possibility of winning the Mega Crate, Lootcrate is a deal that can't be beat.

6. Marvel Digital Unlimited Subscription

Marvel Digital Unlimited is the online subscription service you wish every comic company had. you get full access to Marvel's library and so much more. Other benefits at the 'Plus' level include invites to exclusive Marvel events and other gifts like posters, figures and comics. I am a firm believer in how amazing this is, trust me.

7. iPad Air 2

There are tons of tablets out on the market, but in my opinion Apple's iPad has always been the best on the Market. With the latest version Apple has created a mobile everything device. Combine that with the amazing third party apps available through iTunes and this tablet can't be beat.
8. An all purpose Camera, the Panasonic Lumix GH4

Cell phones are good for the quick selfie, but if you want a all around workhorse a phone just won't cut it. Panasonic's Lumix GH4 is a camera that will fill every roll you can imagine. From taking great stills to amazing 4K video this camera is super versatile, especially with those interchangeable lenses.
Camera Review -

9. Arlo Home Security Camera

Netgear has just put out a small format home security camera that is out to get DropCam and I have to say, it is Amazing. The Arlo sports all the best features like wifi, night vision, and cloud server DVR recording. Beyond that, it also has magnetic quick mounts for relocating the camera on a moments notice, super efficient battery for true wireless recording, and a waterproof case for outdoor use. This gets released in January, but it is worth the pre-order!

10. Dremel 3D Printer

3D printing is cool, very cool and maybe now is the time for you to get your nerd into the future of creating. Dremel is known for making amazing crafting tools and it looks like this 3D printer is no different. With a full set of features to help you learn how to create this is the perfect way to start learning the ways of the 3D printer.

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