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Meet Arlo, DropCam Better Watch It's Back!

Meet Arlo!
DropCam Better Watch It's Back!

I don't usually run press releases for tech companies, but today when I stumbled across Arlo I felt I needed to share! For those of you who are getting into the home automation world I am sure you are familiar with companies like DropCam. DropCam is the current leader (in my opinion) of simple home security camera's with easy set-up and a really simple interface it is a great product. Well the good people at Netgear are ready to take DropCam to the mat and see if their new camera Arlo has what it takes to dethrone the king.

From all appearances Arlo and DropCam are very similar, both having a small form factor, intuitive user interface, wifi enabled, and easy setup. But what Arlo has that is putting it over the top is an innovative long life battery that makes this camera 100% wireless. Plus with its magnetic bases it is easy to move the camera from one room to another without ever having to shut the camera off. Arlo isn't out yet so it is still too soon to tell, but this looks like the camera that will be finding a new home in my house very soon!


The new Arlo Smart Home Security Cameras deliver no cords, no wires, and
 no worries – wireless the way it should be

SAN JOSE, Calif. — November 5, 2014 — At a press conference this morning in San Francisco’s InterContinental Hotel, NETGEAR®, Inc. (NASDAQ: NTGR) (, a global networking company that delivers innovative products to consumers, businesses and service providers, announced a breakthrough in self-monitored home security with its new Arlo™ Smart Home Security Camera (

Arlo is the first and only 100 percent wireless WiFi security camera with crystal-clear, high definition video. Monitor your home from every possible angle, inside or out, with these outdoor-ready cameras that are equipped with night vision to give you HD video around the clock. The combination of easy installation, battery-operated true wireless design, and weatherproof construction provides you with the ability to set up a camera wherever you want, without worrying about finding a power outlet or the hassle of inconvenient power cords. The clean compact design of the Arlo camera – smaller than a bar of soap – takes up minimal space so you can easily and discreetly place them where you want – from the baby’s room to the tree trunk in the front yard, or on the backyard fence.

Arlo’s real-time notifications give you peace of mind that your home, children, pets, car, vacation rental, small business, or any other site of importance, is being monitored. You’ll get email or app notifications with best-in-class cloud access on your smartphone or tablet. With the intuitive free Arlo app, you can watch live streamed or recorded videos, see motion event recordings, customize activity alerts and arm/disarm motion-sensors. Arlo will alert you instantly if an event occurs, and you can tap into as many as four simultaneous camera streams to watch from your desktop, notebook computer or favorite mobile device. You’ll never again have to wonder if your children arrived home safely, if the package was delivered as planned, whether you left the garage door open, or what (or who) is getting into your trash bins at night!

The Arlo Smart Home Security Camera Kit (VMS3230) includes:
·         Two HD outdoor cameras equipped with motion sensors and night vision capability
·         Smart home base station that can also “talk” to other connected devices
·         Four magnetic dome mounts – two for securing each camera wherever you need it, and two extra mounts to make moving the camera around the home super easy
·         200 MB of free cloud storage for videos
·         Free apps for displaying and managing the cameras and video from iOS or Android™ smartphones and tablets
·         Access via popular browsers on Mac® computers and PCs

“With the explosive growth and early adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT), consumers are telling us they value smart devices that help them monitor property and loved ones to give them peace of mind,” said Pat Collins, vice president of smart home products at NETGEAR. “But not everyone needs a professionally-monitored, expensive security system with 24/7 surveillance, and on-call personnel. Furthermore, people want to place cameras in places where a power outlet is difficult to come by. Arlo is the only camera that can deliver secure monitoring in HD, without the need for a power outlet at all. Because the camera is battery operated, you can take it anywhere inside a perimeter of up to 150 feet from the base station. Because it’s easy to initialize with a push of a button, setup is super easy.”

The Arlo Smart Home Security Camera offers many desirable capabilities and benefits that will make remote monitoring hassle-free, day or night, indoors or out:
·         Patented 100 percent wire-free design for easy placement and convenient relocation from room to room
·         Stunning HD detail (720p resolution) with a wide 130-degree field of view to catch the activities you need to see
·         Night vision for crystal-clear images even in the dark
·         Robust, weatherproofed double-shell case for maximum protection from sun, wind, rain, snow and curious pets and children
·         Motion sensors activate customizable alerts for real-time email or app notifications
·         Easy setup with magnetic mounts for installing multiple cameras in minutes
·         Compact, discreet form factor for inconspicuous placement
·         Ultra-low power consumption with long-lasting battery life up to 6 months*
·         Secure cloud storage infrastructure and up to four concurrent camera streams to mobile or desktop browsers
·         Free apps for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets and for the Kindle™ for watching live streamed or recorded videos

Thirteen percent of U.S. broadband households have a smart-home connected device and nine percent of U.S. broadband households express a willingness to purchase a smart security camera with advanced features, according to research from Parks Associates, a market research and consulting company specializing in emerging consumer technology products and services.

“The smart home industry has seen a major spike in the development of intelligent devices as companies aim to help consumers do more based on their lifestyle needs, preferences and desires,” said Stuart Sikes, president of Parks Associates. “Arlo Smart Home Security brings home security to the 21st century, creating a safer environment for consumers.”

The Arlo camera is designed to enable devices to communicate with one another and even act as triggers for other connected devices. NETGEAR is partnering with innovative IoT device manufacturers to further enhance the Arlo Home Security Camera. To that end, NETGEAR has formed a partnership with LiFX® (, a leading provider of WiFi and mesh radio enabled, multi-color, LED light bulbs. The integration of LiFX light bulbs will bring endless manipulation of home lighting to Arlo customers. Stay tuned for the exciting developments of this partnership and others in early 2015.

Pricing and Availability

The NETGEAR Arlo Smart Home Security Kit with two cameras (VMS3230) will become available for online purchase in January 2015, at an MSRP in the U.S. of $349.99. Add-on cameras (VMC3030) will be sold separately at an MSRP in the U.S. of $169.99. Items sold separately require an existing Arlo Smart Home Security Kit.

More Information

Learn more about NETGEAR Arlo Smart Home Security at See the Arlo video at
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