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The 2014 Comikaze Photo Scavenger Hunt

Good Nerd Bad Nerd Presents
The 2014 Comikaze Photo Scavenger Hunt

Stan Lee's Comikaze is one of the greatest Comic Conventions that fans of the industry can ever hope to attend! With smaller crowds, cheaper tickets and a main stage that is accessible to anyone and everyone, this con has been built from the ground up to be about the fans. This year I am challenging everyone who is attending to take part in the most epic Scavenger Hunt EVER! 

You are already going to be there, 
You are already going to be taking Instagram pictures,
 so you might as well try and win something!

I will be getting all the prizes from the vendors at 2014 Comikaze
(*cough cough, Lootcrate, cough cough, Funko)

Here are the Rules:

1. Take as many pictures of yourself with the People on the list.
2. Each picture is worth a certain amount of points.
3. Upload the pictures to Instagram and tag them with #GNBNPhotoHunt
4. The 3 people with the Highest Scores win super nerdy prizes

The List:
1. Stan ‘The Man’ Lee 15 pts
2. Cassandra ‘Elvira, Mistress of the Dark’ Peterson 15 pts
3. Adam West 7 pts
4. Burt Ward 7 pts
5. Julie Newmar 7 pts
6. The Dynamic Duo in one picture 20 pts
7. Dynamic Duo and Julie Newmar 30pts
8. Brian Michael Bendis 5 pts
9. Kevin Smith 5 pts ( 5 Bonus points if Ralph Garman is also in the picture)
10. Tara Strong 5 pts (10 Bonus points if the rest of the MLP cast is in the picture)
11. Kevin Conroy 5 pts
12. John Barrowman 5 pts
13. Alfie Allen 5 pts (10 Bonus points if Gwendoline Christie is in the picture)
14. Gwendoline Christie 5 pts (10 Bonus points if Alfie Allen is in the picture)
15. 1 point for every picture with a Slave Princess Leia, Power Ranger, or Deadpool
16. 15 points for a picture with Me! (I will be in a teal Good Nerd Bad Nerd t-shirt)
17. 10 Bonus points if you are dressed up as the person you are taking a picture with

To print out this list, download it HERE
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