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Dream Casting the 'Titans' TV show

Titans: A Nerdy Dream Casting

It was announced this week that DC was working on a Titans show for TNT. No longer teens, our team of Titans are now what age? College? late 20's? It isn't really clear, but what is clear is that it is time for me to give you the internet my choice for this team of elite young adult super heroes! Of course I am not talking about casting actors, I am talking about casting the team itself. This is actually harder than it sounds because we need to take into account all of the other TV shows that DC has out there. Some of which  have first rights on some of these characters, for obvious reasons. So lets get this started with:

Major Characters that are Out of Play:
Kid Flash
Speedy/Red Arrow/Arsenal

I know that these are some fan favorites, but with Arrow, Flash, Constantine and Supergirl shows already on TV or in the works, any characters associated with them need to be considered off limits. Now onto the fun stuff! First I am going to give you a list of potentials then my final 6 that I would like to see on the team.

Nightwing (of Course)


Beast Boy


Miss Martian

Blue Beetle






These are the characters I think most people would gravitate towards and there are compelling arguments for all of them.  When deciding on who to cast in my team it is important to have a wide powers set that will be interesting to watch, but also good for story telling. That all being said, my team would be:

Love those 70's costumes!

Nightwing: Team Leader and has already been announced and this gives the show that tie to Batman without needing Batman.

Raven: Dark and brooding but a major magic powerhouse with a back story that could lead to awesome story arcs on the show.

Miss Martian: Visually awesome with Flight, shape shifting, intangibility, telepathy, and telekinesis. Plus she is an alien and could be a source for emotional growth for the team

Bumblebee: This would be an amazing coup for DC to cast Bumblebee! They could out play Marvel by casting their version of Wasp and treat her with respect before the joke of a version that Marvel will be putting out.

Static: A fan favorite from the days of the Static Shock cartoon. He is visually awesome and a character who has fun being a super hero. He would bring the light hearted joking to the team.

Aqualad: Aqualad is a physical powerhouse on top of being Atlantean and having additional powers based in magic. 

What I have here is a team that is diverse in everyway imaginable, power level and type, personality, background, origin, ethnicity, gender, strengths and weaknesses!

Greg Weisman's Young Justice should be referenced often for this show!

Before people jump all over let me explain a few things and why I counted out the other characters:

1. Cyborg: I love cyborg, but DC may feel he is too close to Deathlok that has already appeared on Marvel's Agents of SHIELD. I consider him a blast type and we have that covered with Static

2. Starfire: She is one of the original Characters in the comics, but Miss Martian fills the role of "out of Place" alien and has much more interesting powers. I considering her a Flying Blaster type and that is covered by a few on my team.

3. Blue Beetle: In this case I am referring to the Jaime Reyez character. Blue Beetle is another very cool character and could be visually cool, but his powers are covered by the rest of the team: flight, shape shifting (sort of ) and blaster. Also he may be a more difficult character to pull off on screen with a TV budget and production schedule.

4. Wonder Girl: DC has been very timid about how they introduce Wonder Woman that it seems very strange for them to rush out Wonder Girl.

So, what do you think? Do you agree with my roster? Who would you like to see on the team instead? Let me know in the comments.
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