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Scaredy Nerds Week 18 - Don't Worry I've Got My Eyes on Your Body

Scaredy Nerds Week 18
Don't Worry I've Got My Eyes on Your Body

That title may have come off a little creepy, but I swear it will all make sense. Then you will be begging me to keep an eye on your body. Damn It! Wait don't go, let me explain! This week our film is the 1956 film Invasion of the Body Snatchers. See I told you it would make sense. It will make even more once we watch it, but first we need to deal with the Hunter!

The Night of the Hunter
In the 1955 film The Night of the Hunter we get an interesting addition to the horror genre that really hadn't been common until this point. I am referring to the fact that a lot of people in the main cast die. Up till now we really haven't had this much death from the key players in our stories, but this film changes all of that. Robert Mitchum's character, Reverend Powell is a real sick puppy who believes that his serial killer tendencies are the lord's work. When you justify things that way, you can do or in his case kill anyone, and so he does. What did you think of this film? Was it a nice precursor to the serial killer movies to come, or did you want him to be even crazier and kill more people?

This Week's Homework
It is Body Snatch'n time! This is a big one so pay attention!. The Invasion of the Body Snatchers is very famous, very influential film that captures the fear and hysteria of the time like few others. The country has been in the grip of McCarthyism for 6 years now and the average person doesn't know who to trust. This film is a direct result of that social political climate. The film itself has gone on to be remade a few times, and in 2008 was added to AFI's Top Ten Classic Sci Fi films. If you haven't been watching the other films we've gone through this is a good place to actually start, the 1956 film Invasion of the Body Snatchers

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