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Last Minute Tips, Strategies and Rules to Con by for this years SDCC!

Last Minute Tips, Strategies and Rules to Con by 
for this years SDCC!

Top 3 Tips:

1. Fully Charge Your Phone - nothing kills the days festivities like a cell phone that won't let you instagram that picture you just took with that awesome Cosplayer. In fact, if possible bring an external battery charger so you can charge you phone on the go!

2. Bring Water and Drink Water - Even though SDCC takes place in the beautiful cit of San Diego, it will still be hotter than you think. Plus many of us will be doing more exercise than we have all year. You do not want to end up dehydrated, that is a quick way to ruin the week. So bring a water bottle and fill it often. Plus this is a good way to save money for all those exclusives!

3. Shower before and bring deodorant - There are a lot of people and a lot of them may be sweaty. Don't be the one that turns heads for the wrong reason. Don't be afraid to reapply that deodorant through out the day. Trust me everyone will thank you including cosplayers you take pictures with and the celebrities you get autographs from.

Top 3 Strategies:

1. Team Work is Key for the Panels - If you have delusions of grandeur and are thinking about getting into Hall H or Ballroom 20 then remember the buddy system. Without a buddy the chances of you making it in a greatly reduced. While standing in line or even once in the rooms, if you don't have someone to save your spot when making those pesky bathroom runs or food runs, then your space is as good as gone, and there is nothing sadder than a crying nerd.

2. Get there Early - If you have your heart set on seeing a panel, plan on getting in line early. If it is a panel for Ballroom 20 or Hall H, then plan on getting in line VERY early. Here is the deal with panel halls, once you are in there you do not have to leave, so there is no guarantee that tons of people will get in at the start of a new panel. It may mean you have to sit through a panel that isn't as interesting to you, but if you want to see exclusive footage of let's say Avengers Age of Ultron for example, you may need to camp out in your seats for a few panels, hence why the team work is important.

3. Pace Yourself - There is tons to do at Comic Con and if this is your first time going you may be a little eager to see it all as fast as you can. Don't do this! Slow down, take it all in, and enjoy the show! If you are rushing to see everything as fast as you can, you are going to miss something. You might miss your favorite celebrity stopping by to visit a booth or a free giveaway just because you were in a rush. The booths aren't going anywhere so take your time and enjoy!

Top 3 Rules:

1. Ask Permission - Doesn't matter who it is (Cosplayers, artists, celebrities) before you hug, touch, or make any sort of contact with people ask their permission. Cosplayers love to pose for pictures, it is part of why they do it. That doesn't mean you can take pictures with out talking to them first, and ask if you want to hug them please! Oh and they would live everyone to remember Tip #3 please. This is serious though, they are a major focus of attention and they don't know what people are always trying to do. Give them the respect they deserve and that way everyone will have a good time.

2. No Running - Wait what? are we at the pool? No but it is crowded as hell inside and outside the convention center. If you are rushing you are going to knock someone over and this has had serious issues in the past. No one wants to hurt anyone or get hurt so don't run, don't rush, and don't try and beat the train outside! Got it!

3. Exclusives - Don't You Dare Buy All the Exclusives!!! I am going to get my Infinity Gauntlet and I will destroy anyone who gets in my way! Okay not really that extreme, but seriously to the Guys who buy up everything in bulk just to resell it. Shame on you! For some people, coming to Comic Con is a once in a lifetime experience and when all the exclusives are bought up by exclusives scalpers it is a major let down, so knock it off!

I hope this was helpful can't wait to see everyone there!

San Diego Comic Con or Bust!
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