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Its Good to be Scared - A Scaredy Nerds Casting Announcement!

Its Good to be Scared 
A Scaredy Nerds Casting Announcement!


Director Ryan M. Andrews is excited to attach American Mary star Tristan Risk to a powerhouse ensemble cast of Canadian talent in Save Yourself, shooting this summer. Risk joins the previously announced cast of Jessica Cameron (Truth Or Dare), Ry Barrett (The Demolisher), Tianna Nori (Clean Break) and Sydney Kondruss (The Drownsman).

Regarding Risk, Andrews says; “The Soska’s film American Mary was arguably the biggest indie film of last year and Tristan Risk’s character ‘Beatrice’ was a stand out performance. The character was so unique and interesting. Risk played it perfectly, and to have a talent like her bringing her edge and attitude to Save Yourself is truly exciting.”

Since American Mary, Risk has been involved with more than half a dozen new films including Canadian Grindhouse company Astron 6’s film The Editor. About joining the cast of Save Yourself, Risk said; “I’m so thrilled to be doing this since it’s got some great traditional horror elements with girls road tripping and running afoul some folks of a deviant nature, but also because of its other qualities. I think this will surprise quite a few people and continue a proud tradition with Canadian Genre.”

And the talent does not stop there. Andrews, along with Executive Producers Pino Halili and Allen Ormerod, did a grueling casting session to hand pick for each role, including Caleigh LeGrand (Late Night Double Feature), Bea Santos (Antisocial) and a special appearance from veteran star Bobbie Phillips, whose credits include Wes Craven’s Carnival Of Souls, Showgirls, Evil Breed, The X-Files and many more. Phillips says, “I’m thrilled to be joining the cast of Save Yourself and looking forward to working with the delightfully twisted Ryan Andrews, Jessica Cameron & the rest of the bloody talented T.O. cast & crew.”

Returning to Andrews’ side to shoot the film is Michael Jari Davidson (Berkshire County, The Last Halloween, SICK). “Mr. Davidson shares the same love and passion that I have for this genre. His skills are beyond reproach and his style compliments me perfectly.” Andrews says about his cinematographer. Another familiar team for Andrews are Executive Producers Pino Halili and Allen Ormerod. Their award winning post-production company Post City Sound has not only worked on many of Andrews’ previous films, but also on some of the biggest television shows and indie films out of Canada, including Rodrigo Gudinõ’s The Last Will and Testament Of Rosalind Leigh.

Save Yourself is very active on social media keeping the fans up to date with the film’s progress. With a new website launched, along with their Twitter and Facebook page, the cast and crew will have plenty to share through to its release.

Facebook: Save Yourself Movie 
Twitter: @SaveYourselfMVE
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