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Scaredy Nerds Week 16 - The Devils you say?

Scaredy Nerds Week 16 
The Devils you say?

Our next stop in the 50's has us leaving behind the King of Monsters in order to see a couple devils. Les Diaboliques was a film unlike anything the world had seen up until then. It was truly another film that paved the way for many of the psychological thrillers of today. Of course before we can talk about that, we need to destroy Japan one last time with our pal, Gojira/Godzilla.

The King of all Monsters, Godzilla, this is a movie that I could watch all day, any day. Be honest, you feel the same way as do most movie goers. There is just something enjoyable about random destruction. Don't believe me? Then explain how Michael Bay keeps making films. He saw this type of wanton destruction in the Godzilla films and thought, I can do that, but enough of Bay.

The 1954 Godzilla is a movie that started a franchise and introduced a character as important to film as any other. Despite being initially panned by critics as being an exploitation film, audiences saw something in that giant monster that kept them coming back. To this day, Godzilla still ranks in the top 20 of all Japanese films.

The 1954 Godzilla Theatrical Trailer

This week's film has murder, revenge, suspense and is considered one of the first psychological thrillers. Diabolique is a film about two femme fatales seeking justice. Of course things never go as smoothly as planned, but that is half the fun right? This is a subtitled French film, so put your reading glasses on and get ready for some suspense!

Diabolique Trailer:

The Full Film
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