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Scaredy Nerds Week 15 - They Blinded us with Science!

Scaredy Nerds Week 15 
They Blinded us with Science!

Science is a pain in the butt my friends. If there was ever any doubt about that, then the 1950's horror films will prove this to be true. In this decade we will get tastes of science gone awry, invasion of aliens, and stupid stupid scientists. It is fitting that the brand new remake of Godzilla just opened in the theaters since we will get to see the King of All Monsters in his original form this week. But first let us see why some scientists give science a bad name.

The Thing From Another World
After watching last weeks film, did you immediately go and fry all of your vegetables? The Thing from Another World was a great film for its time. More than that though, it is a great film for today and should be on everyone's watch list. A great cast, a great script and great execution all came together to create one of the most influential films of the 1950's. Of course is this film was all you knew about scientists, you would probably think they were lunatics. The head scientist played by Robert Cornthwaite had his crazy dial turned to 11. His belief that any cost was worth paying as long as knowledge was gained perfectly visualized the fear that most people had with the leaps science was making. After all, the world was now in the Atomic Age and the Russian scientists were making who knows what horrors to destroy our way of life. I thoroughly enjoyed this film and hope you all did as well.

This Week's Homework
The King of all Monsters is here folks, Godzilla! Of course his original name was Gojira, but with all things that get translated from another language there was some minor changes. This 1954 Giant monster movie is one of the most famous films and famous characters ever. Once again we will be watching a movie that everyone knows about, but few people have actually seen. So sit back and get ready for some city smashing mayhem!

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