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These Are the Voyages: The Original Series Season 2

To Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before...
A Second Season!

In the history of Television and film, there is arguably nothing that rivals the wide-spread cultural impact of Star Trek. It was a show that was as much science fiction space adventure as it was social commentary. Star Trek pushed the envelope, challenged the norms of society, and forced the audience to rethink what it considered taboo. When you have something as significant and important to millions of devoted fans, there will always be a slew of legends and myths. The various made-up stories surrounding Star Trek are so widely known that it is difficult to separate them from the truth, but that is exactly what Marc Cushman has done. In the first book These Are the Voyages TOS Season One, Author Mark Cushman brought to life the reality of just how improbable it was that Star Trek ever got made. Mr. Cushman revealed the truth about that first year and why despite the networks belief that Star Trek was too expensive, too complicated, and as far as the networks were concerned too controversial, this amazing show beat all the odds and ruled the TV ratings.

These Are The Voyages TOS Season Two picks up where the first book left off. It continues to tell the story of the challenges that plagued the production of Star Trek. Armed with the official ratings, inner office memos, production stills, behind the scenes pictures, and personal testimony, Marc Cushman paints a picture of what it took to put together the second season of Star Trek. The result is an amazing book that can't be read through just like any other book. As a treasure trove of details, the book needs to be studied and poured over multiple times in order to get the full picture of how Star Trek was really made. Having read the book, I find that I keep going back to specific chapters for more detail, especially the ones on my favorite episodes: Trouble with Tribbles and Mirror, Mirror.

If the amazing depth of knowledge this book contains wasn't enough of a reason to buy it, then you should also get it for the forward written by Checkov himself, Walter Koenig. Walter writes an amazingly candid introduction for this book. In it he speaks very openly about his role on the show and how he felt about it. It sets the tone for exactly what this book will be: honest truth about Star Trek told through the people who made it and the facts surrounding it.

So do I recommend this book? Do Vulcans hve pointy ears? Of course they do, and of course you should buy this book! This book is the only one you’ll need, when it comes to the second season of the legendary and unparalleled show that started it all. If you haven't already bought Season 1, then now is your chance to pick up both Season 1 and 2. In fact, if you act now, you can get a copy of the Season 2 book signed by the Author Marc Cushman!

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