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Scaredy Nerds Week 8 - You Can Call Me Invisi-Boo!

Scaredy Nerds Week 8
You Can Call Me Invisi-Boo!

You are going to have a hard time seeing the bad guy on this weeks Scardey Nerds. No you don't need to get your eyes checked, he is invisible! That's right folks, this week we are watching the 1933 classic The Invisible Man. Of course before we can get caught up in that mystery we have a monkey to get off of our backs. So lets talk a little bit about King Kong.

King Kong
King Kong is probably one of the most well known Movie Monsters in existence. Of course if I asked you to answer honestly, how many out there could say that they had actually seen the entire movie? The Peter Jackson film doesn't count, I mean the 1933 version we watched last week. Many people probably wouldn't consider this movie to be a horror film in the traditional view, but it really was the first "Creature Feature". Besides the whole monster vs. man aspect that is common to horror films think about some of the other things that happen: kidnapping, human sacrifice, chaos and destruction. My favorite aspect though is a protagonist acting foolishly and causes everyone to get into danger in the first place. Whatever your feelings about how scary King Kong is, it did pave the way for such films as Jaws, Anaconda, Godzilla, Them!, and basically any movie being made by SyFy. King Kong is a beautifully shot film that deserves to be seen if you haven't had a chance yet.

This Weeks Homework:
1933 was a very good year for scary movies! Our movie this week is the first film adaptation of the H.G. Wells novel, The Invisible Man. In a story very similar to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, we are shown what happens when a mans scientific ambitions get out of control. This movie is full of humorous moments, but the fear that this would inspire especially as the main character starts to loose his sanity is all to real. An excellent piece of film that was executed brilliantly.

We are now at the point where you need Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime to watch these films. To be honest I don't know why you aren't using one if not all of those services, but if you aren't from here on out watching the films will be that much harder.

The Invisible Man via Nerflix
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