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Scaredy Nerds Week 11 - I Can Make You a Man!

Scaredy Nerds Week 11 
I Can Make You a Man!

The Wolfman of London, the first cinematic appearance of one of Horror's most iconic creatures and it felt off. I must admit it caught be surprise at how weak it was, but more about that in a moment. This week I am making it up to you with something special. This week we are watching the 1931 Boris Karloff version of Frankenstein! As excited as I am to get to this film, we do need to address the mess we saw last week in The Werewolf of London.

The Werewolf of London
Did you watch this film? Did you try and watch it? If you only watched half way through this film then you were probably wondering what this film had to do with Werewolves, since the titular character had not even been revealed yet. The film seemed like it was going for a similar theme to Jekyll and Hyde about the duality of man, but sadly the main character Dr. Glendon just comes off as a jerk even before he transforms. With an unnecessary amount of filler dialogue and exposition this film struggled to keep my attention. In fact most of the dialogue was about getting drunk or having a drink, something that may have made this film more enjoyable to watch. My other big complaint is that the transitions from Dr. Glendon into Werewolf Glendon were done poorly. For this to be the first introduction of such an iconic character it is strange that it is such a weak film, but maybe I am the only one who felt that way. What did you think of the movie this week?

This Weeks Homework:
Just like I promised, this one is sure to entertain you. This week we get Frankenstein, and it is the Frankenstein we all know and love. The 1931 Boris Karloff version is the most iconic Frankenstein ever put on film. It is the one that Mel Brooks spoofed in his film Young Frankenstein and in the one Marvel comics used as reference for their monster team, The Howling Commando's. Possibly the best known representation of this character comes from the TV show the Munsters, with Herman Munster clearly being this version of Frankenstein. So sit back relax and enjoy a true horror classic!

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