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Scaredy Nerds Week 7 - Twas Nerds that killed the Beast

Scaredy Nerds Week 7
Twas Nerds that killed the Beast

This week on Scaredy Nerds, we continue our journey from the Kingdom of the undead to the Animal Kingdom. Say good bye to zombies for now and say Hello to the true King of the Jungle, King Kong. Have you seen this one? I hope you have at least heard of it because as far as famous goes, this one is near the top of the list. I know you can't wait for these Monkey hijinks, but before that we need to drink the potion and indulge in that voodoo that we do so well with White Zombie.

White Zombie:
If you watched last weeks film then you may have mixed feelings about it. It is a zombie movie, but it is hardly what most people expect, especially if you are fans of George Romero's zombie's or the Walking Dead. In fact the Voo Doo used in White Zombie could be considered just as much hypnotism as it could zombi-ism. Especially when you take into account that our damsel isn't even dead. All that being said, it is important to note that this variety of Zombies get their origin in Haitian Voo Doo so the rules are different than that of Modern Zombies. Basically the idea of Zombies in this sense is a body that doesn't have control over itself, dead ones just made more sense logistically since no one would come looking for them.  What did you think about the movie? Is the thought that you don't need to be dead for someone to zombify you more frightening, or did you find the whole thing not up to the modern take on the genre.

This Week's Homework:
The King of the Jungle is waiting for you! The one and only King Kong is ready to rock your world. King Kong really is another great first as he was the first giant monster to terrorize the silver screen and has had many remakes of him appear, including the most recent epic remake by Peter Jackson. This week we are watching the one that started it all, the 1933 King Kong. The original film was black and white, unfortunately I could not find a streaming version that way. So presented below, in many many parts is the Colorized version of King Kong.

As we are continuing with our Journey through Horror, it is going to be important that you have access to things like Netflix and HULU. I will do my best to find LEGAL streaming versions, but as we get closer to modern cinema that may difficult.

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