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Monsterpalooza's Scary Movie Night presented by Screamfest

"You Start to Play It and It's Like Somebody's Nightmare"
Scary Movie Night presented by Screamfest

This past weekend the happy go lucky city of Burbank was invaded by Monsterpalooza. Hordes of fans that crave something scary, macabre, or just a little unusual gathered to celebrate the horror genre. The highlight of that event for me was the Scary Movie Night put on by ScreamFest and the 6 short films that we shown.

The Films:


Of course I am starting with this one. The creative team, the cast, the crew, everyone involved in this short are fantastic. We have told you about this short before and if you still haven't caught a screening of this then you need to reevaluate your priorities. Catch our interview with the Director John Fitzpatrick here, our interview with star of the short Cerina Vincent here, or our follow up interview with the whole crew here. Of course Skypemare is my favorite, but if I had to vote for the next best one of the night, that would be...

The Summoners

 The Summoner was fantastic, it was a breath of fresh air in the seance/ghost story world. Christian Ackerman's spin on this classic horror set up was very unexpected. Beyond that, it was brilliantly executed and much of that credit goes to his cast. These ladies (Trista Robinson, Wendy McColm, and Erin McIntosh) sold this story and deserve lots of credit. Since I don't want to give anything away, you should just check it out and lucky for you IMDB has the entire short available for viewing. You're Welcome!

The Summoners Full Movie


The next hit of the evening was another film that played with the audiences expectations. I really want to talk about this film and how great it is, but I don't want to give anything away. Ultimately you just need to see it for yourself to appreciate how great this is. It was directed by Antonio Perez and really is an exceptional piece of film making

Woodland Heights

Do you like your horror to be vintage? If so, than Woodland Heights is for you. If you are familiar with old scary camp fire stories at all, than this film will be familiar to you. Directed by Samuel Gonzalez Jr., this film treats the audience to some exceptionally well done black and white. That may seem like not a big deal, but until you have seen really great black and white, you don't really understand how bad most modern black and white is.


Drudge is an origin story, simple as that. But it is an origin for the villain of this world. In the few minutes that we get we don't learn too much about Drudge, but we do get to see his particular brand of terror. This is a villain that is very cool, he has great toys and has a very intimidating presence about him. Needless to say don't get too attached to the innocent young lovers that he sets his sights on. Drudge was directed by Kheireddine El-Helou  and is a great introduction to an epic psychopath!

Here is the teaser trailer, sorry it is all I could find:

The Wretched: Prologue

This film was the hardest one for me all night mainly for the reason stated in the title, it is a prologue. This film teased a Roman Centurion vs. Zombies film that would have been epic. The piece is well cast and the director Richard Greenwood Jr. does a great job establishing the world of that our centurions live in. The problem, if you can call it a problem, is that I really wanted to story that they are leading up to. I wanted to fight between Rome's greatest warriors and the undead hordes. Sadly, Greenwood was just teasing me with only a single fight and didn't give me the orgy of zombie killing that I wanted. Hopefully this means Greenwood is already working on the full film, because damn it that is something I need to see.

Once again, here is the Teaser Trailer:

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