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Canada is at it Again! - The 2014 IPF Webseries Competition

The 2014 IPF Webseries Competition

The Independent Production Fund's competition in Canada is here again, and they are offering up to $150,000 to eight prospective webseries. To enter, Producers submit a 2-3 minute trailer for their potential series, and there have been 188 applications this year.

Many genre digital series have been funded by them such as  Unlikely Heroes made by the creative team behind State of Syn or Space Janitors from Geek & Sundry.

Here are some of the entries to keep an eye out for:

Inhuman Condition
by Smokebomb Productions the makers of State of Syn

In a world where the supernatural is known but scorned, werewolves, zombies and beings with supernatural afflictions attempt to live normal lives in human society. Many are closeted. Few are accepted.

To help them fit in, and to navigate the problems in their lives, they come to Dr. Michelle Kessler. A therapist by trade, Kessler is equal parts strong and empathetic, providing her patients a safe space to explore and understand themselves in a world where losing grip could put their families at risk. Self-hatred, alienation. The burdens of carrying impossible secrets. The struggle to feel human.

Be sure to join the movement at, and follow the young girl in the trailer at @DeadGirlWalks_ and her adversary, @LincWolf.

Produced by Smokebomb Entertainment
Created by Bob Lackie

by Jared Pelletier

After a series of brutal, unexplained deaths, a father must reveal a long held family secret about what is causing them, and the role they must play in preventing more.

2014 IPF Trailer

The Portal
by First Love Films starring Tahmoh Penikett from Battlestar Galactica

A dimension-traveling wizard gets stuck in the 21st century because cell phone radiation interferes with his magic. With his home world on the brink of war, he seeks help from a jaded travel agent who he mistakes for a great sorceress. Without his powers to prove his identity, she has trouble taking him seriously, but finally agrees to reveal the secrets of our world in exchange for a lunch date

Writer/Director: Jonathan Williams
Producers: Laura Perlmutter & Andrew Nicholas McCann Smith
Executive Producer: Bob Munroe

Thanks for watching, guys! If you like the video and want to help us turn it into a series, please share or visit our site:
TWITTER: @firstlove_films

The Other Room
by Rodney V. Smith, Sofia Stefou and Steve Kasan

The world of dungeons and dragons and MMOs come alive for TIM (a lost soul) as he combines forces with ROBIN (a true believer) and LOGAN (a thief) to search for a key to open the mysterious portal in Tim's uncle's apartment. They discover that the keys must be used with a mysterious artifact they discover in one of the worlds... an artifact that leads to the dangerous world of Faerie where their lives will be in danger.

Proof of Concept Trailer for the upcoming webseries THE OTHER ROOM

Steve Kasan and Rodney V.Smith are behind the highly anticipated Canadian webseries Out of Time which is slated for it's premiere in May 2014. High adventure, supernatural drama and top notch VFX and storytelling are what we take pride in. We've teamed up with producer Sofia Stefou and writers Michael Horrigan and Jamil Agard to bring this new series. It's up for funding among 188 other Canadian webseries being pitched, with only about 15 series being selected. We need to hear from YOU so make sure to LIKE, SHARE and COMMENT. Tell us what you think.

Join us on

#IPF2014 #IPF #whatliesbehind #thebluedoor

SNOOF Riders
by Art Horse Entertainment

A SCI-FI Time Traveling ADVENTURE TO MELT YOUR MINDS (and warm your heart!)

From the minds that brought you Tights and Fights and Microwave Porn comes SNOOF Riders!


Blaise Westling is a time traveling, rock star, womanizing douchebag from the future. He travels back in time breaking time laws by seducing historical woman and, like, totally promising to call. Or telegraph. Whatever. It's all going great until... Blaise breaks time.

Rhiannon Litner is the only remaining member of the Chrono Force; the last time cop. And, for all her bad ass bluster, she's a rookie. And she's here to bust Blaise's ass, and keep time from folding in on itself.

We're applying for funding in Canada via the IPF -the Independent Production Fund's Web Drama Program - the only one of it's kind in the world! This video serves as our application's "proof of concept." Like it? Want to see the series? Subscribe and leave a comment! It's important!

#IPF #IPF2014

We are Art Horse Entertainment - a new kind of production company both the brave new digital world and traditional film and broadcast to tell the stories we want to tell without the intervention of gatekeepers and naysayers. We recently shot the soft sci-fi Synchronicity, and our next project is SNOOF Riders.

TWIT: @ArtHorseEnt

The Leak

Tired of being a pawn in the heavily controlled media machine, disenfranchised investigative journalist Calen Welles rebels by poking around in the web's darker reaches in his spare time. His humdrum life changes forever when he stumbles across subversive 'Wikileaks'-style website, hosted on the 'Darknet' -- a part of the web not readily accessible to the general populace. The site features official-looking government documents that seem to hint at a fantastical project -- a mandate to replace costly international wars with 'cyber battles' fought by gamer-soldiers, and tackling a country's electrical & informational infrastructure.

You Tube Channel:
Twitter: @hellix324

by Jason DeRosse and Rob Norman 

RHOMBUS is a single-camera, 11-episode comedic-horror webseries that takes you inside a futuristic, alien, death-maze. Created by the Canadian Comedy Award winning team, Jason DeRosse and Rob Norman.

Directed by Mike Fly (Versus Valerie, Space Janitors)
Edited by Mike Fly and Davin Lengyel (Space Janitors)
Special FX: Davin Lengyel
Executive Producer: Derek Harvie (Tom Green Show)

Six strangers awake to find they've been abducted from Earth and transported to a mysterious alien prison filled with lethal traps. Their only hope is to work together and use their unique skills to survive - unfortunately some skills are more helpful than others ...
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