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Mid Week Shenanigans - February 12, 2014

Mid Week Shenanigans
February 12, 2014

This week for you Shenanigans and enjoyment, we have all your favorites. We have news anchors failing, the empire taking over Sochi, Conan giving us the greatest Walking Dead spoof ever, and a magical Guardians of the Galaxy gif that I could watch forever. All of that plus Smooth McGroove is back with another of his epic jams. This time we get something from the original Metroid.

Take it away Smooth!

Metroid - Brinstar Acapella
Smooth McGroove

Rocket and Groot gif
Guardians of the Galaxy

Olympic Skiing and Star Wars Mash Up
Sochi 2014 and the Empire

Bob Costas Slowly getting Infected on Camera
Conan O'Brian

Walking Conan Dead
Conan O'Brian

Samuel L. Jackson is not Lawrence Fishburne
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