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Welcome to the 'State of Syn'

The State of Syn
A new face in Sci-Fi entertainment

Hulu will premiere an innovative new sci-fi series on January 18 called State of Syn, starring Jewel Staite (Firefly, L.A. Complex) and David Hewlett (Stargate SG-1, Stargate: Atlantis). The series combines the best of traditional sci-fi storytelling with an eye popping layered animation style that is like a graphic novel set in motion.  The series was created by Smokebomb Entertainment, the award-winning digital division of Shaftesbury.

Featuring 8 five-minute narrative episodes, State of Syn takes place in a futuristic society where instability reigns but one commodity remains accessible to all: technology. The storyline follows Annika Drake (Staite) and her friends who, following the unexplained death of her father, are pulled into a twisted mystery surrounding his former company, emerging tech giant Psylosense. Now run by her father’s former business partner Aslin Kane (Hewlett), Psylosense is manufacturing a highly addictive new sensory experience called Vibe – a digital technology simulating a neurological condition called synesthesia - which is poised to become the new opiate of the masses.

Check out the website for this ambitious Series here, and don't miss any of the action!

Can't wait until January 18th to check this out? Then why not catch the first episode now!

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