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Scaredy Nerd - A Nerds journey from Horror Newb to Horror Master!

Scaredy Nerd
A Nerds journey from Horror Newb to Horror Master!

Here at Good Nerd Bad Nerd we like to think we are masters on just about everything in the nerd realm. While we both fully believe this and will ignore anyone who says otherwise, there is one area that we do acknowledge less than perfect mastery of; that area is the genre of Horror. Don't get us wrong we have seen lots of the big name movies and many of the cult classics in the genre. Can anyone really call themselves a nerd if they haven't seen Evil Dead/Army of Darkness or Aliens (among many others)? However we do feel that outside of the more cultish favorites or proficiency can only be described as lacking.

That brings us to the point of this new segment, learning the in's and out's of the Horror Genre. We will be treating this like the best damn history class ever and start with the best silent films out there and working our way all the way up through today's mind bending films. As we are watching and discussing the films we will post links to where you can find the films so you can do your "homework" and follow along at home.

Know Your History


For homework this week we of course are starting at the begining of Horror on Film and with some of the earliest films ever made. From the very start, people thought film was a great way to freak people out. For your viewing pleasure this week we have the 1896 George Melies film The Haunted Castle, the 1910 version of Frankenstein, and the 1920 version of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The first two are short so don't get "overwhelmed" by the work load. So sit back relax, and get ready to journey through Horror!

The Haunted Castle


Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
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