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Mid Week Shenanigans - December 18, 2013

Mid Week Shenanigans
December 18, 2013

It is a very special time boys and girls, it is time for Shenanigans! This is our last one before the New Year so you know it will be special. We will give you that same mix of distractions you have come to expect and demand including the funniest stuff the web has to offer, movie trailers, and our unofficial music brought to us by the amazing Smooth McGroove! Now let's get it started, take it away Professor McGroove.

Super Mario Brothers 3 
Smooth McGroove

Now that we have officially Grooved, let the laughs commence.

Beans - You'll Get It

It must be tough to be an Astronaut, having to deal with stress that us normal people don't even understand. To add to all of that, you have this situation that these guys find themselves in and it is just, well see it for yourself.

Dance of the Suger Pi Fairy
Math Bites with Danica McKeller

Educational, Nerdy and down right adorable we get this math take on a Holiday classic from Danica McKeller. This video would have been great on its own, but the slew of guests just takes it over the top. You need to check it out, and then why not learn it and use it as a new caroling song.

Totes McGotes - James Earl Jones and Malcolm McDowell

Speechless, that is all I can say after seeing this. Hearing James Earl Jones and Malcolm McDowell talk like teenie boppers is too much. Some one needs to make a ring tone of James Earl Jones saying "Totes McGotes".

The Parents
Coca Cola Life

Kids, am I right parents? I have never seen life with kid so perfectly captured in a single minute. It is hilarious and hilariously sad. If you don't know what I am talking about then clearly you don't have kids, but check this out it will make you life either way.


HISHE - THOR 2: The Dark World

Movie Trailer Time

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Anchorman 2 : Exclusive Clip
Making News

Interstellar Teaser Trailer

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