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Amazing SpiderMan 2 Trailer 1 - The NerdDown

Some spoilers here! So watch the trailer first!

The Amazing Spiderman 2 has a new trailer out today. Hopefully, it has the answers you've been seeking since the first sneak peek we got in July at Comic Con in San Diego. If you want a higher quality trailer, check out our YouTube link below.

 First of all, how they plan to use Rhino in the film looks more like Mech armor. This could be a little disappointing for hardcore fanboys who are used to Rhino as a Russian thug who underwent serious plastic/gene surgeries to become the monster that he is. Maybe it becomes permanently attached or a freak accident down the road turns Aleksel into the real Rhino! Meh.
Harry Osbourne, however, comes across a little freakish, like a Maculley Culken look-alike contest gone awry. Sorry Dane DeHaan. That wasn't cool. But, if it helps, I think I might prefer this awkward Harry to the suave, almost Lex Luthor-like, portrayal in the previous incarnation. Am I the only one?

Did you see that?! It looks like Oscorp has the rest of the Sinister Six prepped for the ASM 3! Vulture's wings? Doc Oc's tentacles? Am I crazy? Don't answer that.

For me, Spider-Man is all about the witty banter, internal conflict, and kick-ass, radioactive spider-infused fights! Here, Green Goblin looks to be on the wrong end of our Friendly Neighborhood webhead's foot. But what kind of Goblin are we going to get? That's one of the bigger questions still left to be answered. Along with the millions of other questions I still have!  

Overall, it looks packed with more action than introspection. And I like that. What do you think? Leave us comments below.

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