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2013 Nerdy Gift Giving Guide - The Best and Worst things to get the Nerd in your Life

2013 Nerdy Gift Giving Guide
The Best and Worst things to get the Nerd in your Life

10 Best Gifts for Nerds - The Good Nerd

1.      Loot Crate Subscription

If you want to give your nerd the gift that keeps on giving then this is the best place to start. Every month Loot Crate ships out a small box full of awesome swag. The boxes always have a theme and often have special guests to help fill them. This is a way to really extend that Christmas spirit year round

2.      These Are the Journeys: Season 1

If your nerd loves Star Trek, and let’s face it, we know they do. Then you need to get them this book. This book is the Holy Grail for fans of the original Star Trek series. It contains never before seen pictures, show notes, inner office memos, Nielson ratings and so much more. This book is the final word on the original series and it is only covering season 1! Season 2 and 3 will be out later next year, but don’t miss this one. Still not sold? Check out our interview with the Author Marc Cushman and original show script coordinator/writer/Producer John D.F. Black

Our Interview

3.      1 year Marvel Digital Comics Subscription

Nerds love comics. This statement is universally true and will always be true. So if you want to share comics with the nerd in your life, then a 1 year subscription to Marvel unlimited Plus is the way to go. The digital library is always being updated and has tons of classic issues for you to read.

4.      iPad Air

The iPad Air is one of the coolest tablets available on the market. It is an amazing size, has a beautiful screen, and you can easily access all your media files. Plus if you are into digitial comics it makes for a great reader. Plus it is just cool, every nerd already wants one and you do too.

5.      Epic Nerd Art (Livio Ramondelli

The domain of a nerd is a sacred place. It must be adorned properly with all the best Nerd paraphernalia and art. That is why you should get your Nerd some epic nerd art by Livio Ramondelli. His transformers prints will make you cry they are so amazing. The Nerd in your life will be so grateful, it may just take them a  few weeks to stop looking at the posters to tell you.

6.      Funko

Funko makes the coolest collectibles that is just a fact. Their characters deserve space on every nerds shelf and your nerd will love them all. That being said the Adam West Batman in the Batmobile is the king of all the Funko and will surely leave your nerd speechless.

7.      Nerd Clothing

Us nerds love our nerdy t-shirts. We wear them any chance we get and we can never have enough. has an amazing array of “fan created” shirts that will blow your mind. My personal favorite currently on their Site is the Red 5 shirt. I love it and your nerd will love it too

8.      Sound Wave Masterpiece

As I have said before Nerds love Collectibles and there is no greater collectible ever, EVER, than the Masterpiece Sound Wave. I missed out on this at San Diego Comic Con, but it is now available for everyone to purchase. SOMEONE BUY THIS FOR ME NOW!!!!!

9.      Nest

If you have your own place and are always looking for the coolest and nerdiest gadgets, then you need the Nest Thermostat. What? Why is a Thermostat on this list? Trust me, this is the coolest thermostat ever. Not only does it learn your habits and patterns, it also adjusts according to the weather which it checks daily by going online. It was designed by the designer of the original iPod, so you know it is intuitive. I have it and could not live without it. The Nest Rocks!

10.   Epic Doctor Who Blu-Ray Box Set w/ Sonic Screw Driver

Finally a little entertainment for you nerd, and by a little I mean the complete Doctor Who since the series re-launched. This set has everything that we have seen so far except The Day of the Doctor (but that is being released soon in 3D). Plus you get a Matt Smith era Sonic Screw Driver. This is a must have for any Doctor Who fan!

10 Worst Gifts for Nerds - The Bad Nerd

1.      Poo-Pourri Air Freshener

We get it. Nerds stink. But that doesn’t mean you need to give the gift that keeps giving on this front! Although, this is a pretty fascinating product and reportedly does the job. So, maybe reserve it for a casual gift or a birthday!

2.      EyeClops Night Vision Goggles

If you hate your friends and want to punish them by giving these to their children, by all means click the purchase button. Otherwise, steer clear. I’m totally getting these for Bryan’s boys!

3.      Japanese Life Dolls

Archer’s Krieger swears by them (that is IF you can’t create your own Virtual Girlfriend), I do not recommend this as a Christmas gift, however. Nothing says, “Give up on having real relationships” like an inanimate doll meant to replace a life-partner.

4.      Plastic Sleeves (The tube socks of nerd gifts. Also don’t give tube socks)

These are the tube socks of Nerd gifts. Also, don’t give tube socks. Unless you’re the Nerd’s grandmother, and then give whatever you want. Except the Japanese Life Doll. That would be super creepy!

5.      Cosplay Accessories

Any Nerd who Cosplays and is worth their salt would simply salvage these for parts in creating their own unique accessory. So, if you don’t mind them breaking down your gift, go for it.

6.      Braces Rubberbands

Seriously?! I know this happens. Quit it! Did I get you duct tape for your run down, fixer-upper “classic” car that you swore you were going to restore for the last decade?! No. So don’t do the same to me!

7.      Pizza Rolls

This little treasure is one of life’s greatest mysteries, but it’s also one of Nerddom’s bare necessities. Don’t gift it, unless they are completely out of it and jonesing for more and you have lots of other gifts to give them.

8.      Shake Weight

It wasn’t funny last year; it won’t be funny this year. I’m talking to you Aunt Carrie!

9.      Action Figures (collectibles, please)

Does your Nerd love Christmas? Then why are you trying to ruin it?! We don’t want your $5 toy in our stocking! Spend a little extra and get us the real deal, a Collectible! Whether it’s from Funko to MacFarlane, we’re much more likely to give you that big thank you for one of those than one of these.

10.  Christmas Themed Underwear

This is just inappropriate for anyone outside of your immediately family to even consider. The only exemption I can find is Batman/Christmas themed underwear. Because he’s Batman!

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