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Good Nerd Bad Nerd Episode 25 Who Goes There? - Show Notes

Who Goes There?
Episode 25 - Show Notes

This week on Good Nerd Bad Nerd we speculate on the rising tide of Super Hero properties being turned into TV shows and Movies. We give you our take on what characters should be used and given a chance to shine, and which ones should be left to cower in the dark. Plus we give you a recap of the epic Nerd weekend that was happening in the LA area. So make sure and stick around for that, but first:

The News From Around the Nerd

The Good News

In honor of Veterans Day, we wanted to bring everyone's attention to a very special program. A program called Saratoga Warhorse is an amazing program that is using old race horses to help troops that are dealing with PTSD. The HRTV special on it is online and really needs to be watched and supported.

Saratoga WarHorse

What is the Mystery with Agents of SHIELD? At first glance, Agents would seem like it was destined for the chopping block. With a big drop off on the ratings after the pilot episode things were not looking good for our rag tag team of Coulson's. So why did Disney and ABC green-light the show for a second season? The answer lies in the magic of demographics. Agents of SHIELD is winning a key demographic that ABC has previously had a difficult time engaging, and that means SHIELD is valuable asset to them. For all of the details check out the link below, but for all of us fans, this means more Agents for the foreseeable future!

Agents of SHIELD mystery numbers

Lego and Marvel comics are two of the best things a nerd like me could ask for. That is why the new Lego Marvel Super Heroes game is so great and is so popular. To celebrate the release of the game Lego and Marvel put out 5 short videos in a series that they are calling Lego Marvel Superheroes: Maximum Overload. These 5 shorts are all apart of one bigger story and for fans of Marvel's animation block on Disney XD you will hear some familiar voices. Make sure to check out all 5, you won't be disappointed.

The Doctor is in good hands once again! Thats write one of our favorite authors over here at GNBN is writing an eBook adventure for the Doctor and we could not be more excited. Neil Gaiman is bringing us an all new Doctor who adventure, so get those e-readers ready this promises to be a great story!

Beta Ray Bill is coming back! For those of you who are new to the world of comics, then that means nothing to you. But Beta Rey Bill is an amazing character that deserves to come back into Marvels regulars. Bill is one of the few characters in the entire Marvel universe that is honorable enough and worthy enough to be able to wield Thor's mystic hammer Mjolnir, which makes him extra cool. To top it off his return is being handled by the amazing writer Gerry Duggan. This will be great and we can not wait for this to be released!

The Bad News

What is worse than a rumor being proven false? How about when the rumor was about Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi coming back for Army of Darkness 2. What makes it more confusing is that the rumor partially started with Groovy Bruce and then was just recently squashed by Bruce himself. Confused, well thats ok we were at first, but Bruce cleared it up for us. He had tweeted something out along with a few others and the internet being what it is, we had rumors from 'it is going to happen' all the way to 'it is almost finished'. The reality is there may have been some discussion, but until a movie actually starts filming, nothing is certain. 

Weekend of Nerdiness in Los Angeles

Designer Con

Designer Con took place at the Pasadena Convention Center, and it was a great little gathering. D-Con is where indi artists, toy makers, designers and more come together to showcase their work. Some of the most amazingly skilled people were at the show and their work was all on display and all for sale. Some of our favorites included Super Emo Friends by J Salvador, Hyper Active Monkey, and The Beast is Back by Christopher Lee. We will have a complete write up of the event n the blog so make sure to check it out for all the goodies!

Archer Live

Something, Something, DANGER ZONE! Archer live was an awesome event. It was basically a touring comic con panel with everything you could expect and more. Most of the cast was there, there was exclusive clips, the awful questions from the audience and even audience participations in some scene re-enactments. It was a great time had by all and there were some season 5 spoilers. If you want to know what they told us, you will have to tune into the podcast and catch the spoiler section at the very end. I know I am such a tease. Deal with it!

Nerdbate: Battle of the Worthy

With the recent news that Marvel/Disney is teaming up with Netflix to bring new original Super Hero programing it got us thinking. What properties should be given an opportunity to shine, and what properties should be cast aside and forgotten. Here are some of the ones we discussed, but tune into the podcast to get all of our juicy thoughts on it. 

The Worthy

Green Lantern Corp and the Nova Corp

Moon Knight

Suicide Squad

Wonder Woman and Ms. Marvel

The Questionable

Black Panther

The Unworthy

The Great Lakes Avengers

She Hulk

Squirrel Girl

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