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Mid Week Internet Shenanigans

Mid Week Internet Shenanigans

That's where you are!

We are trying something new here at Good nerd Bad Nerd, so bear with us. We know that there is alot of great stuff that falls through the cracks, and we wanted to try and do something about that. So each week we will try and bring you some of those things that you may have missed. So sit back and relax and let the Shenanigans roll over you.

The Pete Holmes Show Takes on the Batman/Superman team up

Curious what will happen when Batman and Superman finally do team up? Pete Holmes was and he answered that question in one amazing video. I could explain the set up to you, but it won't do it justice. Just watch the clip and then make sure to follow the Pete Holmes Show on Twitter @PeteHolmesShow

 The crew from Bad Lip Reading bring us an epic retelling of the land of Westeros. In a re-edit that is too awesome to be believed you really just need to watch as the world and characters from A Game of Thrones have been turned into something closer to the movie Adventureland.

Want a ride on my Optimus Prime?
Ok so maybe it was more of a face to fist with fans, and they weren't so much fans as they were trying to rob him. While I feel bad for him and his family, because that can be a very intense experience, concern was not my first thought. I, like everyone else jumped straight to, "HELL YEAH, That was for Devastator's balls you ass!" ok sorry I appologize. Of course the way the story was first presented to me didn't even mention that the brothers were trying to rob him, only that he got beat up. The natural assumption of a crazed Transformers fan boy made perfect sense.  What do you think?


Vin Diesel happy!
Vin Diesel has been cast as Groot in the upcoming Marvel film Guardians of the Galaxy, it is known. This week we got to see Vin getting ready for the role and his shakespearean level dialogue. Or he only has to say "I am Groot" but still, he needs to get in character right? Well a video surfaced this week of Vin practicing on bouncy leg extensions for his "alleged" motion capture performance. I say this because a small portion of the Internet is now claiming that good ol Vin and Marvel are trying to pull a fast one. The theory is that a actor of Vin's quality would never be used for such a small role, it is a waste of his talents (of course they forget Iron Giant, but let's not dwell on that). They believe that Mr. Diesel will in fact be playing Thanos. Maybe he is, maybe he isn't, or maybe he is doing both. I offer Lord of the Rings the Two Towers as proof. John Rhys-Davies played both Gimli and Treebeard, a dwarf and a sentient tree! So there is legal precident for Vin to play a demi-god and a sentient tree. Hit the link above to see the video of Vin practicing his tree walking.
Oh Star Wars Trailers, How far we have come!
Disney just released the very original trailer for Empire Strikes back this week. To say it is lacking the impact we know the movie has is a bit of an understatement. It is actually done with all of the concept art for the film so in that regard it is very interesting. It is very dated though. Catch it and the most recent trailer for Empire that was released.
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