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Good Nerd Bad Nerd Episode 21 I'm a Zombie Girl, In a Zombie World - Show Notes

I'm a Zombie Girl, In a Zombie World
Episode 21

This week on Good Nerd Bad Nerd, we are joined in studio by the people who are bringing the Zombie apocalypse to your front yard! Chris and Jane from Zombie Gnomes are here to share their joy of the undead with us and also to answer the hard questions about the end of the world. All of that and more but first, the News from around the Nerd.

News From Around the Nerd
The Good News

Archer Season 5 Returns in January

For those of you who have not watched Archer yet, How Dare You! Go watch it now, I will wait. Okay, now that you are all caught up, here is the teaser trailer for Season 5 of Archer which will air in January. Welcome to the Danger Zone!

Peter Dinklage to Star in "Bad Santa" stylized Leprechaun Movie

Peter Dinlage, the man who most people know as, Tyrion Lannister from Game of Thrones, will be starring in an upcoming dark comedy where he plays an leprechaun!  The movie is reportidly "deep in the R-rated territory" so don't expect the same kind of family friendly content that Game of Thrones has. No release date is set since filming will have to wait until Season 4 of Game of Thrones is finished. All of that being said, I am buying tickets as soon as they will take my money!

Peter Dinklage to star in Leprechaun movie

Disney is Finally getting in on the Zombie Action!

We have talked about the new Mickey Mouse shorts that Disney is now producing on previous shows, but the latest one is by far the best. Not only is appropriately Halloween themed, it also show a very legit Zombie Goofy! Titled "Ghoul Friend"it features goofy with a decayed face, exposed bones, and all around creepy appearance, and the cartoon does a great job of freaking Mickey the hell out! Of course it is a Disney cartoon so you know it ends with smiles, but this is a pleasant surprise from the House of Mouse!

Watch Zombie Goofy here

George A. Romero bring his Zombie Genius to Marvel

This past weekend was the New York City Comic Con and it brought a ton of great news. One big thing was details on George A. Romero's new Zombie project with Marvel comics. For those of you who don't know Romero is the father of the modern Zombie and is responsible for movies like Zombieland and Shaun of the Dead even existing. So when we learned he is making a 15 issue series called Empire of the Dead, we got very excited. The series is set for a January 2014 release so call your local comic shop and make sure they are going to reserve you a copy!

Romero and Marvel: Empire of the Dead

Who Asked for the extra side of 'Firefly'?

Since Joss Whedon knows we just can't get enough Firefly/Serenity he has decided to bless us with something special. In the style of Buffy and Angel, we are now getting a comic series picking up where Serenity left off. We will finally get more tales of our favorite Brown Coat! Not many details have been revealed, but a few teaser images have been revealed along with the hashtag #WheresSerenity. 

The Bad News

 As a Marvel Fan Boy, it saddens me to say that Marvel is the winner of all the bad news this week. They came out with two announcements this week that just make me want to scream. First up we have the new villain that is going to make Captain America quake in his patriotic boots! Or at the very least make him hate bowler hats. That villain is none other than Dr. Mindbubble! I understand many comic charcter names are literal, but seriously! He has a tube jammed into his brain that blows bubbles! I am now going to call Spiderman Swingy, climbing, strong usually having personal problems man. This annoys me a lot! But take a look and Decide for yourself

The second tragedy coming from Marvel could easily be a pitch for the next CW show and it makes me sad. Loki Agents of Asgard is trying to capitalize on all the awesomeness that is Tom Hiddleston. I can't blame Marvel for wanting to do that, but this is not the way! Stop this now before you ruin a complex villain and turn him into a moody tween!

Nerdtable - Zombie Gnomes and the people who love them!

This week we are joined by Chris and Jane the ORIGINAL makers of the incredibly awesome Zombie Gnomes. A creation that dared to ask the question, when the zombie apocalypse happens, what will happen to the creatures of mythology and my front yard? Join us as we learn all about what go this business started. Then we will dive deep into the Zombie mythology and history and talk about what makes for a great zombie story, but also what the true purpose of zombie stories is.
For those of you lucky enough to be coming to Stan Lee's Comikaze, make sure to look for Chris and Jane and their Zombie Gnomes, including an exclusive Gnome you can only get at Comikaze. For the rest of you head on over to their site and buy the whole set and stage your own Zombie Gnome apocalypse in your front yard!

No 5x5 this week, Deal with it!
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