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GNBN Agent's of SHIELD Charcter Bio's - Graviton

Agents of SHIELD Character Bio:
Dr. Franklin Hall - Graviton

One of the greatest mysteries in our existence is gravity. Yes, gravity. It’s that thing that’s responsible for my fractured clavicle after a failed attempt to jump a ramp on a sweet, purple bicycle with no brakes. I’m still looking into whether it’s possible to sue a force of nature. No call backs from lawyers yet. I’m looking at you Larry H. Parker!

But before I get too far off topic, Gravity is also one of the four universal or fundamental forces. These forces are at the center of our existence and linked to our continued existence. And we know very little about it. We know that it causes two objects with mass to be drawn towards each one another, that it keeps the moon in orbit around the Earth, and that it can be harnessed for more mundane applications like gravity-powered motors or gravity-powered lamps.[1] But we don’t know the science behind the action itself. We have theories, but nothing more. And that’s scary when you think about it. Our very reality is contingent upon a force (or dimension if you believe Einstein) that we know virtually nothing about, except the results of its actions. So, what’s the point of all this nerdposition?!

Well, Marvel has twice used fundamental forces as power bases for characters in their universe. The first, and more widely known, character was the Mutant Leader, Magneto. He has control over the fundamental force of Electromagnetism. He is literally a force of nature. And a destroyer of bridges in San Francisco, but that’s not why we’re here.

In tonight’s episode of Agents of SHIELD, we meet the second, and arguably more powerful, character in the Marvel universe to be imbued with a fundamental force, Dr. Franklin Hall (aka Graviton).  In the comics, Franklin Hall was a scientist working on a practical teleportation device. When he attempted to align a set of matrices and induce teleportation, his device overloaded and in the ensuing explosion his molecules intermingled with the sub-nuclear graviton particles that were being generated in a nearby series of companion particle accelerators. Upon recovering from the accident, Hall discovered he could mentally control gravity.

Technically, his power is called Gravikinesis, which give him the power of flight, movement impairment and graviton attraction, and graviton blast and force field generation.  He can exert this force over a maximum distance of 2.36 miles from his body. He can perform as many as four separate tasks simultaneously. He has not only lifted a 4 mile wide land mass as high as cloud level, but he has also surrounded himself with a force-field, gyrokinetically held most of the Avengers against a slab of rock, and projected force-bolts at Thor all at the same time. That’s right, he took on ALL of the Avengers at once, and won. Several times. Something an entire alien army with superior weaponry and surprise on their side could not accomplish.

May God (or Thor) have mercy on our Agents.


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