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Episode 23 Hitchcock’s Halloween Horror Show - Show Notes

Hitchcock’s Halloween Horror Show
Episode 23 - Show Notes

This week on Good Nerd Bad Nerd, we are discussing our summer of Hitchcock. We spent a few months watched some of the best Hitchcock films and learned from the master of suspense just how to make a terrifying movie. Before that though we need to take you down the road, the road to Comikaze 2013! All that and more, but first the News from Around the Nerd

News From Around the Nerd

The Good News

Army of Darkness 2: The Re-Arming?

Who here loves Bruce Campbell? Trick question because we all do and we can't get enough of that man. Follow up question, who loves Army of Darkness? Got you again, same answer everyone loves it and if you don't you have questionable taste in movies. Keeping all that in mind, what could be better than Army of Darkness 2 with Bruce Campbell, being directed by Sam Raimi? Nothing, that is the only acceptable answer. We can not wait for this sequel and the return of all the glorious campiness that only Bruce can deliver.

The Return of the Empire Strikes Awesome

Okay I admit that title for this story doesn't make any sense, but this little piece of news gets me very excited. The original screen writer for Star Wars Episode VII, Michael Arndt has stepped away from the project. Arndt is an Academy Award winning writer so initially this may sound like bad news, however the guys stepping in are J.J. Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan. Kasdan has been responsible for working on a few scripts in the past that you may have heard of. One of the them is a little movie called The Empire Strikes Back! That is right folks, the writer who gave us the greatest Star Wars film is working on number VII. This gives me hope that the third Star Wars trilogy will not have many of the same flaws as the trilogy.

The Bad News

Passing of one of the Greats Marcia Wallace

This past week we saw the passing of one of Hollywoods great actresses, Marcia Wallace. marcia had a long and fantastic career, from her early days on the Bob Newhart Show to her long tenure on the Simpsons as Ms. Edna Krabappel. She was an amazing actress and she will be missed.

The Road To Comikaze 2013

This weekend is Camikaze and we could not be more excited. From the amazing list of guests to the awesome location, this promises to be a great expo. Comikaze, now in its third year, is really becoming an expo that celebrates the artists, and doesn't focus on the big studios putting on shows like you get down at Comic con. There is also the fact that the main stage is in the Show (that is code for it is in the room with all of the floor vendors). This is awesome for many reasons, the biggest one being that it is not a battle to see what is happening on the main stage. Unlike comic con you won't need to spend 12-14 hours waiting in line for a panel. So more time to explore the show and more time to interact with the artists and other guests. There is tons of information over on the comikaze website so make sure to check it out and plan your day accordingly.

Alfred Hitchcock
The Master of Suspense and our Summer of Suspense

This Summer in the midst of a Doctor Who draught, 4 brave media connoisseurs were left with a void in their life to fill. These 4 brave souls were Bryan, Bless, Sarah and Megan and the foolishly filled that void with TERROR!!!

Okay so that was a tad dramatic, but we did take the summer to watch some of the most famous movies from the man who made modern film what it is today. Our Summer started with Strangers on a Train and then we moved through Rope, Psycho, North by Northwest, and The Birds. We relived all the most infamous moments that have been spoofed, referenced, and ripped off a thousand times. This was a summer of "Oh that is where that comes from" and "Isn't this the same plot as that other movie". If you haven't seen Hitchcock you are truly missing out on some of the most important films to ever be made and are doing yourself a great disservice.

Next week we will be bringing you the Comikaze Wrap Up episode so make sure not to miss it!

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