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Good Nerd Bad Nerd Episode 19 A Pilot Too Far - Show Notes

A Pilot Too Far

This week on Good Nerd Bad Nerd we finish off what we started a few weeks ago with TV pilots. We will tell you what we think makes for a good TV pilot and what things should be avoided. Then to top it off this weeks 5x5 is all about TV shows and their expiration date. What TV shows got thrown out too soon, and what shows spoiled long before they got tossed! All that plus, the News from around the Nerd.

News From Around the Nerd

The Good

This is potentially big news for the gaming/tech geeks out there. This week Steam (made by Valve), the pc/mac gaming download service announced their new OS. It is a bit of an unusual move for a gaming portal to do, but all theories point to this being the basis for their rumored console. The OS will be linux based and may soon be an option for consumers when buying a new PC from Best Buy.

Last week saw the premiere of the new Marvel show Agents of SHIELD on ABC. As far as pilots go, this show was a powerhouse. 12.2 million people decided to tune in to see what all of the hype and buzz was about. Not only was this one of the biggest premieres in years, it was also the third biggest show of the night. NCIS was the winner of the night, but Agents of SHIELD, a brand new show with no previously existing audience made a very strong showing and will probably keep that momentum into week 2.

Get ready to scream fanboys, well almost. Scientists have finally taken the first step in crafting, no forging us lightsabers! 2 inspired men of vision of finally been able to produce "light-matter". While previously only something that was theorized, they managed to create it in a lab. Mind you it was under conditions that can not exist in nature, but that doesn't matter does it? What matters is this is the first step towards using a real light saber to do what all of us want to do. Repeatidly slice up any Jar Jar Binks stuffed animal, doll, cosplayer we can find!.

The Bad

DC is going full speed ahead with their TV properties, but this time they are sharing the wealth with other networks. Constantine will be coming to NBC and Fox will be getting a show focusing on Gotham City and Jim Gordon, pre-batman. Here are the issues that I see with these shows based on the little information we have so far. Constantine will be a Dark procedural demon of the week, with a background over arching story. The in of itself isn't a problem, but NBC really isn't the place for that kind of show, Fox is. The problem with the Gordon show, is we will get together every week to slowly watch the city die and our hero loose faith and hope. It will be a depressing mess. And since it is on Fox there is no way that the WB will let them end with Batman in there, or with Bruce wayne even on screen. Bless doesn't agree with me, but what do you think?

This past weekend saw the Series Finale to the critically acclaimed Breaking Bad. We are always sad to see a great show go, but we much prefer that it leaves with style and in keeping with its story. Staying around just because your show is still popular is never good. We are not linking to any news stories because most have spoilers and we don't want to risk ruining anything for those who haven't seen it yet. 


This Weeks Nerdversation: Pilot vs. Pilot
What makes a good pilot and what makes a bad pilot?

TV pilots are the bait that hooks an audience to the line of a TV show. A great pilot doesn't mean the show will be good and likewise a bad pilot doesn't spell doom. This week, Bless and I try and give you guidelines for what we feel makes a great pilot, and then we tell you what shows we felt really met those guidelines, or truly missed the mark. Here are some questions that we think help to frame a pilots worthiness.

Do they write themselves into a hole?

How likable are these characters?
How boring is the “thing of the week” going to be? Is the setting cool?
Is it a fun movie with a terrible denouement?

How interesting is the mythos?

Is there badassery, with the promise of more?

Are you emotionally connecting with these people? 

Stay with us as we break these questions down and apply them to old and new pilots to see how they fair.

5x5 TV Shows that out lived their quality or Died too soon

Bryan - Shows that ended too soon

5. The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brian

4. Star Trek (TOS)

3. Happy Endings

2. Pushing Daisy's

1. Firefly

Bless- Shows that lived too long

5. That 70's Show

4. 24

3. Happy Days

2. X-Files

1. 7th Heaven

And because it applies, I give you:

Fonzie Jumping the Shark

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