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Good Nerd Bad Nerd Episode 18 Domo Arigato Mr. ReBooto - Show Notes

Domo Arigato Mr. ReBooto

 This week on Good Nerd Bad Nerd we are taking on the age old question, Reboot or not to Reboot? Bless will be advocating on behalf of rebooting beloved or not so beloved stories, while Bryan defends the classics. That plus a 5x5 of epic Bat proportions! What Bat gadgets would be the best and worst to have on a deserted island. All of that to get you through the day, but first the News from around the nerd!

News from Around the Nerd 

Good news on many fronts for the upcoming Marvel film Thor 2: The Dark World. The production was having some trouble with a scene so in a moment of genius and a refusal to let ego get in the way, they rubbed their magic lamp and summoned Joss Whedon to the set. A few scenes just weren't working and instead of trying to force them they got help from the nerd's nerd and He gladly dropped everything and flew out in his Joss Chopper to save the day. It may have happened like that, read the article for yourself to find out!

How would you like to make $1 Billion dollars in 3 days? Yeah so would I, but neither of us are a best selling video game to one of the most popular franchises in video gaming history. Over the weekend that GTA 5 was released it earned over $1 BILLION dollars. That amount puts it up with the most successful movies of all time, and that is for a fraction of the cost!

So the guys over at the online game Marvel Avengers Alliance may have jumped the gun on their latest Spec Op. It turns out that the game is spoiling some things for Marvels current major crossover event Infinity. This is a sad thing for people who are reading the comic and playing the game and hopefully these guys will get their timing better next time.

This is actually happening. I am not sure what else to say about it. A movie series that was based off of a book series that was a massive sub par hit.


Reboots vs. the Originals!

This week we are having an epic battle of wits over the merits of Reboots! Should beloved and despised movie franchises be rebooted? Bless will be arguing in favor or Reboots and Bryan will take up the mantel of the Originals. Who wins this week? Do you agree with what we are saying or do you have a completely different take on it all. Let us know in the comments!

5x5 Bat Gadgets on a deserted Island

The Worst Gadgets to Bring

5. Batmobile Tracking Graph

4. Memory Bat-bank

3. Bat-Television

2. Bat-makeup kit

1. Bat-Calendar

The Best Gadgets to Bring

5. Under Water Boot Propellers

4. Bat-Plugs

3. All Purpose Bat Swatter

2. Bat- Analyst (Bat Analyzer)

1. Bat Sky Writing Drone

This is our list and we are sticking to it. Do you agree, disagree, hate us? let us know in the comments and make sure to hit leave us ratings and reviews in iTunes.

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