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Good Nerd Bad Nerd Episode 17 Out Sourced - Show Notes

Out Sourced

In this weeks episode we are going head to head on the merits of staying true to the original source material. Is it better to stay true and pure to what the author originally intended or should movie writers take creative liberties to make a better cinematic experience? We go head to head as we try and answer this question once and for all. Then we are you putting you in the cage for this week's 5x5. Thats right we are giving you the best and worst Nick Cage films. All of this in Episode 17, but first the news.

News From Around the Nerd

This week Apple released their latest in the ever growing line of iPhones, the 5C and the 5S. It was an impressive event with a lot of information. Fortunately for you we covered all of this on the day of and have a pretty good summation of the info on the blog. So check it out won't you!

Apple iPhone Event Info

In what is good news for the comic creator community, Marvel and Ghost Rider creator Gary Friedrich have finally reached a settlement. While the terms of the settlement have not been released yet, all issues that were in question have been resolved. So take that for what it is worth, but hopefully Mr. Friedrich was treated with the respect he deserves so that everyone was really a winner in the end. Here is the story with the details

A quick recommendation for those of you who have been out of the comics scene for a while and are looking to get back in, or if you are new and are looking for a good place to start. Both of the big comic houses are having major events that will set the tone of their universes for years to come and are good places to get your feet wet. Over at Marvel we have the series Infinity, which will be an epic battle against Thanos, the villain teased at the end of the Avengers movie. At DC we have Forever Evil, the bad guys are taking over and they are shaping the world how they see fit. So head out and pick those up at your local comic book store!

And last in the good news category is New York Comic Con. Just like SDCC is a big place for announcements, so it this. With a great line up of guests, artists, and celebrities there is bound to be some great stories and news coming out of this convention and we can not wait to hear what is announced. Since we are not in New York we will do our best to bring you all the details from the Con once it starts. But if you are there, get us some cool swag ok!

The Bad News

Speaking of New York Comic Con, one notable absence in a manner of speaking will be DC. DC has announced that they will be there, but they will not have a "Traditional booth or presence". What this exactly means yet we don't know. Hopefully it will be more than a guy walking around as Superman, since I am sure there will already be a few of those.

Well CW and DC have picked their Barry Allen, The Flash, and we are underwhelmed. Grant Gustin who is best known from the TV show Glee has been tasked with bringing the Flash to life. This is a big gamble for the CW to make and we can't help but think they are thinking too much like Smallville and not enough like Arrow with this casting. What do you think? Do you like this choice? Let us know.

Finally, this last bit isn't so much bad news as sad news. Apparently there was a missed opportunity to give Wolverine a brief cameo in the 2002 Spiderman movie. It just couldn't come together in time to film it, but it almost happened. Maybe there is hope out there for all the studios to play nice for the fans.


Source Material vs. Cinematic License

This week we are tackling the question that has been a topic of debate with almost every movie that has come out this summer. How close or true do movie makers need to stay to the source material. Is this an all or nothing question? Well when we debate winner takes all, so in the immortal words of Samuel L. Jackson, Hold onto your butts! Make sure to let us know what you think and who you think is right!

5x5 - Nicholas Cage Movies
(Yes, there are 5 good Nick Cage movies)

The Bad

5. Ghost Rider

4. Vampire's Kiss

3. Amos & Andrew

2. The Bad Lieutenant

1. Wickerman

And Because Bless promised it and you need to see it, the complete insanity of Nicholas Cage

Also, the trailer for The Death of 'Superman Lives': What Happened?

The Good

5. National Treasure

4. Matchstick Men

3. Adaptation

2. Leaving Las Vegas

1. Raising arizona

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