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Good Nerd Bad Nerd Episode 14 Show Notes - Summer Love'n

Summer Love'n

This week on Good Nerd Bad Nerd we take this podcast and crank it to 11. That is right folks you get a double dose of our sweet sweet voice in a special extended episode. Plus you get the whimsical insights of Emmy award winning Stephen Scheidler as we break down this summers biggest blockbusters. We will give you our unquestionable opinions on them, then vote so you know where we stand. Finally we bring you an epic 5x5 this week on Franchises. Of course since we have Steve with us, it is going to be a 5x5x5, The Good, The Bad, and The Franchises that need to be made. So hit play and let us blow your mind on this weeks episode of Good Nerd Bad Nerd.

News From Around the Nerd

Doctor Who of the Rings?

As the story goes, Peter Jackson is seriously talking with Steven Moffat about directing an upcoming episode of Doctor Who. Jackson says he wouldn't even need to get paid to do it! All that being said there are 2 conditions for this to happen. First They would need to film the episode in New Zeland since Jackson is still working on the last installment of The Hobbit trilogy (and he may actually live there in the Shire now). This is no problem because it would just mean an on location episode which would be great. The Second condition is that he gets a Dalek. Now he isn't saying he wants to do a Dalek episode, although I am sure he would love that. He is saying he wants an Dalek to take home as his instead of being paid. To me, this is perfectly reasonable I mean who wouldn't want their very own Dalek if they think they could get one, right? Check out the story here for more

Batfleck and Bryan's crazy DC conspiracy theory!

By now everyone has heard that Ben Affleck has been cast as the Dark Knight. This announcement may have broke the internet last week. At the very least twitter wouldn't shut up about it. We debate the pros and cons of this in the episode, but really it comes down to 2 things: do you have faith in Nolan and Snyder and do you think Affleck is a good actor? It is a tough one, and only time will tell. Related to this was the announcement that Bryan Cranston has been cast in Man of Steel 2 as well as the iconic Lex Luthor. This is like a dream casting for lots of people especially after the epic work he has done on Breaking Bad. Again this goes to the first point, The same guys who cast Bryan Cranston also cast Ben Affleck. So the question remains, do you trust them?

But this is all moot, because it is a cover up! A ruse by DC to wash over their other two changes that they made. These changes are the relocating of the Justice League to Canada and changing the Main Man Lobo into a skinny Edward Cullen punk. DC knew this would cause such Nerd Rage that they put out the Ben Affleck casting announcement in order to distract everyone from this. WELL IT DIDN'T WORK DC! I AM ON TO YOU! Check the links for more details

New Lobo                                      vs.               Old Lobo (The Main Man)

Nerdtable - The Summer of Blockbusters Flips and Flops

In this segment Bless and I along with our guest Steve give you our take on some of the summers biggest movies. So instead of regurgitating what we say on the podcast, I will just give you our votes (and the How It Should Have Ended Videos as well). 

GI JOE: Retaliation  2 Flips 1 Flop

(No HISHE video yet, so here is the actual trailer)

Iron Man 3  3 Flips

Star Trek Into Darkness  3 Flips

(This is the Honest Trailers, HISHE mashup)

Man of Steel  3 Flips

Lone Ranger 3 Flops

(No HISHE, so the original intro to spare you the movie)

Pacific Rim 2 Flips 1 Flop

The Wolverine 2 Flips

(No HISHE here either, so the Honest Trailer for the first Wolverine)

I realize not all of the movies had their How It Should Have Ended video done yet, but that's ok. These guys work fast and we will have all of them soon, so chill out!

5x5x5 Super List! Franchises

Bryan - Good Franchises

5. Fast and the Furious (even though Bless disagrees)

4. Bourne Series

3. Bond

2. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings

1. Marvel Universe

Bless - Bad Franchises

5. Spy Kids 

4. Resident Evil (even though Bryan disagrees)

3. Step Up

2. Fast and Furious (even though Bryan and Steve disagree)

1. Twilight (We ALL, the whole world agree)

Steve - Franchises that need to be Made

5.Zero Effect

4. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

3. E.T./Iron Giant

2. The Last Star Fighter

1. Real Genius

2. Ready Player One

1. Red Shirts

So that is it for this weeks episode of Good Nerd Bad Nerd, we hope you enjoyed it and made it all the way to the end of the episode! Special thanks to Steve for joining us this week. Make sure to tune in next week as we do Hitchcock and all the awesomeness that he has made!

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