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Good Nerd Bad Nerd Episode 13 Show Notes- Origin of Awesome!

Origin of Awesome

This week on Good Nerd Bad Nerd we go back to where it all began, and no we are not talking about kindergarten, we are talking Origins. We will break down where all character origins come from and give you all you need to know to create your own origin story. Plus we give you an early tutorial on the upcoming Marvel film Guardians of the Galaxy, you won't want to miss it! But first, the news!

News From Around the Nerd

The Good

It turns out we aren't the only ones who are tired of Twilight, so is Stephanie Miller! Seems that the author of the tween romance novel is tired of answering questions about the books, so knock it off fan girls! Click here for more!

Grain of Salt rumor time! This rumor has been floating around the web and sounds really out of place, but Wasp might make an appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy. Will this happen? Probably not. Should it happen? Hell no! Hit the link for the details, few as they may be.

With Peter Parker's fate in the main 616 universe in doubt (Thanks Doc Ock) Marvel seems to be planning on bringing the Ultimate Spiderman Miles Morales into the 616. If this is the case we could be headed for a big ol Spider smack down in the near future as Miles Morales will probably not see eye to eye with Octo-Spiderman. Here are the details folks!

Area 51 is real! Holy Crap, the government actually announced that it is real! Well to be clear, the CIA acknowledged that a place called area 51 is real. So what the entire world has known for 50 years is finally confirmed, thanks? the link

The Bad!

Damn you video game gods for denying us this game! Around the time of that little Marvel movie the Avengers, there was a game in the works that was not a movie tie in! It would have had a similar roster and feel, but this was its own thing. We have slowly been seeing concept art and screen grabs from the game, but my despair didn't hit its depths until I saw some of the game play. Hit the link to see why I am sad.

Ask a crowd if anyone wants a new iPhone and everyone will start screaming yes. Ask them if they want a gold colored one and they will still take it if it is free, but they will cover that thing up as quickly as possible. This better be a sad sad joke, please? Here are the details.

Japan has gone too far this time! Seriously, they almost got to second base! Ok, bad joke but this is no joke! Japan has created emotion based robots! Imagine a 3 year old with the strength to destroy all humans! Not just that, they claim that we are in the final stages of reaching the Singularity! What the Hell JAPAN! Read the article and be as scared as us.

Nerdology - Origins

This week on Nerdology we go back to where it all began, the Origin story. Where did our hero come from? How did they get their power? Why do they do what they do? These questions and more are all tied fundamentally to the origin of the character and are the driving force for their stories. This week we go through the 6 paths that all origins sprout from and the significance of each.

The 6 Paths:

-The Chosen One (examples: Green Lantern or Doctor Strange)
-Non-Human Hero (examples: Superman or Thor)
-Lucky Accident (examples: Spider-Man or the Flash)
-My Own Creation (examples: Iron Man or Steel)
-Pure Will (examples: Batman or Hawkeye)
-Random Selection (examples: Mutants or Meta Gene)

And because we promised it, here is the link to the Cracked article of the 5 terrifying origin stories you probably have never heard! Cracked

Nerd Spot: Guardians of the Galaxy

Even though it is still almost a year away, news about this one is coming fast and furious (see what I did there, because Vin Diesel is in it). We thought now would be a good time to give you some background on this one so you can start getting as excited about it as we are.

First off I need to plug something, Marvel Unlimited. This is Marvels online digital database of all of their comics and it is fabulous. You need to subscribe to this and read all of the back issues for the cosmic stuff happening in Marvel.

Once you have subscribed you need to start with Annihilation and Annihilation: Conquest These two will give you the background you need before diving into Guardians of the Galaxy. While you are at it you should read Nova as well. Trust me and do it!

Ok now that you are caught up, you should be as pumped as us. If not, go back and reread! if you don't want to subscribe to Marvel Unlimited, you need to check your priorities, but also here is the Wikipedia article on the Guardians for you to go over.

5x5 Favorite Origin Stories

Bless' Five

1. Blade

2. Hellboy

 2. Ms. Marvel

4. Captain Marvel (Shazam)

5. Lex Luthor

Bryan's Five

1. Nova Prime Richard Rider

2. Ultimate Spider-Man Miles Morales

3. Galactus (Galan)

4.Booster Gold

5. Oracle (Barbara Gorden) 

We hoped you enjoyed this week as we looked back at what makes comics and heroes great. Join us next week for our big summer blockbuster wrap up. We will be joined by Emmy Award winner Steve Scheidler as we break down the winners and losers of the summer.

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