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Good Nerd Bad Nerd Episode 11 WHO you gonna call? - Show Notes

WHO You Gonna Call?

This week is all about scifi's favorite Doctor, the Doctor. This week we learned who will be playing the 12th incarnation of the Doctor when Matt Smith departs the role during the Christmas special. We also give you as quick of a primer into Doctor Who as is physically possible (Spoilers, obviously). So come with us on a journey 50 years in the making as we celebrate all things Doctor Who!.

But first,

The News from Around the Nerd

To Start things off, we have some great news from the upcoming X-Men: Days of Futures Past, the Sentinels have been revealed and they are good! Not just that, but they have also revealed the amazing Peter Dinklage in his 70's glory as Bolivar Trask, and this is GREAT! Make sure to check out the viral website of Trask Industries for all the goodies!

Here is that really creepy Trask propaganda video we mentioned, enjoy!

75 Years of Superman

Another full panel has been released from the sacred halls of comic con, This time we are lucky to get the entire panel from the 75th anniversary Superman celebration. Watch and enjoy my friends!

Sadly we haven't been able to locate the Bruce Timm animated short, but as soon as we do you will be the first to know!

The Flash is coming to the CW and Arrow!

The the huge success that Arrow has been for DC, the WB, and the CW it was a given that they would try and keep using that same formula to expand their TV universe. Season 2 of Arrow will see this happen when we get the introduction of Barry Allen, the Flash! Check out the details here and make sure to get caught up on season 1 if you are behind! (All I hear is the Flash Gordon theme song as performed by Queen playing while I write this article)

Venom: Truth in Journalism

Were you disappointed with Spiderman 3 and the portrayal of Eddie Brock/Venom? Then join the crowd, get in line and fill out your complaint card. But if you want to see the character redeemed then you need to check out this fan fiction independent film that will show Eddie Brock closer to how we all wanted him, Crazy and not a whiny little girl.  Well done guys! We need more like this to show the studios how to do it!

Here comes the Bad News

Young Clark and Old Bruce

With the announcement of Man of Steel 2: Batman vs. Superman not even a month old take any news you hear with a grain of salt. That being said, ARE THEY NUTS! One of the latest rumors coming out of the rumor mill tells us that the follow up movie will pit a young Superman vs. and Old Batman. WHY WHY WHY? The only theory we have is they want to distance themselves from Nolan's batman to avoid any comparisons. With the ultimate goal of introducing a version of Batman Beyond's Terry McGinnis. Check the article here and try not to cry. 

Nobody Likes Cyclops

Cyclops is an amazing character with a rather large history of great story lines. James Marsden is an amazing actor who brings every role he plays to life. So why on Earth is Cyclops the only character in the entire Marvel Film universe who is getting the shaft? Xavier is being brought back to life, Jean Grey is being brought back to life, Storm should have been killed off, so why treat Cyclops like garbage? We have no clue unless this is a "we don't want to distract from Wolverine" thing. Start over and bring him back Fox!

Nerdology - The Doctor is in!

This week we make a meager attempt at giving an introduction to all things Doctor Who. For those who are familiar with The show and its 50 years of quality entertainment you might consider this a fools errand. To you people we say, damn straight but we are going to try anyways, with help from the experts of course! So here we go, Alonsi, Geronimo, etc.!

And that covers some of it. If you want to know more, WATCH THE DAMN SHOW! Trust me you will love it. Plus it will make you a better person, or something like that.

And Then There Was 12

The wait is over folks and we know who number 12 is. Peter Capaldi, the award winning Scottish actor will be handed the keys to the TARDIS this Christmas and we are very excited for what he will do.

Here are some articles about him and the announcement:

BBC News: The 12th Revealed

Who is Peter Capaldi?

So now you know, so do your homework and check out some of his earlier work!

5 x 5
The Most Monumental Doctor Who Moments
(In our Humble Opinions)

Bryan's 5

1. Everybody Lives
2. The Doctor's Present to Van Gogh (jump to 38:30)
3. Blink is all Timey Wimey
4. P.S. Good Bye Brian Williams
5. Rory must choose

Bless' 5

5. The Doctor's Goodbyes
4. Doctor Donna
3. Dinosaurs on a Spaceship!
2. River's Sacrifice
1. Doctor at the Pandorica

That is it Folks! We did our best to introduce you to the world of Doctor Who and we hope you enjoyed it. We can't tell you enough that you really should be watching this show if you aren't. It will be one of the best decisions you ever made!

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