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Good Nerd Bad Nerd Episode 9 The Comic Con Special - Show Notes

Episode 9: The Comic Con Special

Well folks it was a crazy week for us down in San Diego. More happened there then we had time to talk about in our podcast so I am just laying out here for you to see for yourself.  We were joined this week with some special guests for an all around great wrap up to an amazing week of nerd! Our guests were Sarah from Ready Set Nerd, Maggie from game developer and Bryan's better half Megan who is busy raising the next generation of super heroes.

Sarah from Ready Set Nerd

Maggie from hitcents

With Introductions out of the way I thought a good way to start this off is with a web comic from Hijinks ensue that gives a very good breakdown of how the con feels, so head over there and check out days 1 through 5 (day 5 has not posted as I am writing this)

And now COMIC CON!!!!

The Marvel Panel and the Glory that is Loki

X-Men DoFP Panel

Agents of SHIELD

Marvel Highlights:
Avengers 2: Age of Ultron

Special Surprise from Marvel! A Sneak peak at the Nova Corp!

DC Live Action and Animated

DC also had some big announcements as well this year (not as many as some would like)

Superman/Batman Movie in 2015


DC Animation

Doctor Who!

25th Anniversary Panel for Who Framed Roger Rabbit

There is far too much to mention and I know I missed some big things, but here are some good summaries of the action!

To End this weeks Show Notes, here are some pictures of us having a blast in San Diego, enjoying the convention!

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